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Safe Space

Let's face it... it's hard to be human. We see,hear, and face so many things in our daily lives. We put on happy faces when we aren't feeling happy or struggling with things we feel ashamed about. Why is that? When we were children hugs our parents or grandparents was a safe a space. As adults, whete did the safe space go?

My safe space is with my children and my husband, but sometimes the emotions running through my head feel like a burden I can't place on them. So I work to trick my brain into other thoughts by reading, playing a game, and writing. Sometimes it works and other times I'm an insomniac mentally scheduling what I need to focus on the next day.

Have you ever felt that way? How do you cope? I'd like to open the window/door to welcome all of you to a safe space. What do you need help with? What fuels you or provides your safe space?

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