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K9 Meatballs- The Meal My Dog Loves


Friends, I wanted to get this out this morning, but have your days been as chaotic and nuts as mine have been? At any rate, today's recipe is about meatballs.. but not just any meatballs, doggie meatballs!

Did you know that dogs need just as many nutrients and minerals as humans? Regular dog food, found in grocery stores, contains a lot of fillers that may or may not be good for your 4 legged family member, depending on their health needs. 

My rescue, Chachi, loves wet food because it's easier to eat than kibble, and it probably tastes better too. While he was visiting his Aunt Betty over my spring break vacation, she decided to make him an amazing treat: K9 Meatballs. 

I've had several in my freezer that I pull out as an addition & supplement to Chachi's dinner, and he absolutely devours them. In fact, he whines when I try to give him something else now. Meatballs probably shouldn't be the sole thing he eats, as just like humans he needs his proteins, fats, vitamins, carbs, and fiber, but they contain many of the things he does need, and he loves them, so I love it for that!

Plus, they are no more expensive to make than purchasing wet food from Chewy's or the pet store (have y'all seen the cost of food lately?)! I take one out of the freezer, warm it up w/ about a TBSP of water for moisture, and put it over his kibble. He's in love. 

Hope your furry family member will enjoy these too! No matter if you are making them as a treat, or as a meal supplement, they contain veggies, fats, protein, and all the things that taste good! 

Just be sure to leave out the onion, peppers, and garlic, as they aren't safe for our furry family members. 

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