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Many thanks to Karen Kingsbury Productions for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.

Based on the popular novel by #1 NY Times Bestselling author Karen Kingsbury, Someone Like You has it all: love, redemption, grace, and forgiveness. Devastated by the death of his best friend London, Dawson seeks to find London's sister, separated from each other by embryo births. In return, the new sister must search for her own place and identity, finding two families in the process. In return, the families deal with the decisions they made years ago and how they affect their future in the present time. It's an incredible story of hope, of trust, and of faith, as all the characters are on a journey to trust their faith, their own selves, and each other. 

In this season of Easter, it is a very fitting movie that reminds us of how God works in ways that we can't even see. The Risen Christ is always at work in us, in situations we face, and in the impossible times that we find it hard to forgive and love others. This movie reminds me that God's grace is hard for everyone, no matter the challenges faced in life, and no matter how strong one's faith might be. Trusting in God is hard when we face challenges. Trusting in God is hard, even when life goes along smoothly. In those times, it is important to pray and lean on the community that surrounds us. 

Now, I haven't read the book yet, but I do highly recommend that you purchase tickets to see this movie in the theaters. In a world full of violence and division that intertwines all facets of life, it was refreshing to watch a movie full of faith, hope, and love. While the plot is sad and challenging, as there are issues that are difficult to wrap our heads around like death, infertility, disease, and unconventional births (embryo implantation), these are real issues that friends, family, and people in our community death with every day. 

The movie is about two hours long, so be prepared to use the restroom beforehand, as you won't want to miss a minute of this inspiring tale. The plot is difficult to fit into a time length that portrays both character development and the depth needed to understand the struggles the characters were going through. At times, the plot felt rushed, but at other times, it felt too slow.

 I think the characters did a great job at acting, and their actions/ language didn't feel cheesy as I think I've often felt of Christian movies and TV shows. The actors portrayed characters that bared their emotions and personalities well for the situations they faced. 

Yes, like most love and romance stories, the plot does tie up into a pretty little bow, forgiveness is found, love is found, and grace is extended to many. 

Yet, isn't that how God works with us? Ok, not everything is tied up into a pretty little bow in our lives, but God's grace and forgiveness does bring about community and love, when we truly trust. Yes, there are still real hardships that we and others face, but when we start to trust in God, God's promises are given to us, and our prayers are answered. Not always in the ways that we want or like, but God is there, Jesus is there, waiting for us to turn around and see him, like just Mary did after realizing he was not the gardener in the open tomb. 

May your entire family go watch this beautiful movie. Rated PG, meant for the entire family, tickets are on sale now! Yes, even your kids can safely watch this movie, although you might be aware that questions could arise from the situations they will see and hear about: death, accidents, disease, anger, infertility & IVF, relationship difficulties, and leaving home.  There's no nudity, there's no sex, and there's very little PDA (there are a few scenes portraying kissing). Overall, I highly recommend you go see Someone Like You in the theaters and of course, read the book, as I will soon myself! 

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