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Get Upclose With Nashville Ghosts Through US Ghost Adventures

Thanks to US Ghost Adventures for sponsoring our tour. All thoughts are my own. 

No vacation experience can be complete without a ghost tour! Whether or not you believe in the lingering spirits, these tours provide a unique and exciting way to learn about the city from a personal view point of your tour guide. There's usually a mix of legend, lore, and truth within the stories that you here, as tales of woe, tales of horror, and tales of the undead intertwine with the past and present. 

Nashville's unique history is no different and offers an exciting ghost tour experience through US Ghost Adventures. Nashville Ghosts is the perfect way to spend an evening.. Seeking out the tortured and souls that still roam our earth for whatever reason that are unknown to us. 

After a rather belated start, our adventures were off with our guide, Sam. We traversed across downtown Nashville for about a mile, stopping to experience stories from the past and even some from the present.

With any tour, I always say pack your patience as things can and will go wrong. We were told to arrive at Printer's Alley about 15 mins before our tour started. Honestly, we didn't need to be there that early, because our guides were late. The first guide arrived and realized that our group was large, so called for backup. After waiting another ten minutes, our guide showed up, but quickly dived into great stories, history, and gave us a tour that was well-worth the ticket price. 

There's an unexplainable purple light in this photo that is remnants of the ghost that resides in Skulls! 

If you aren't into ghosts, this wasn't an extremely gross and terrible tour, as most of the tales were definitely PG. Our tour guide regaled us with tales from the prohibition period (where prostitution and illegal drinking ran rampant in Printer's Alley), tales of underground tunnels, complete with Civil War ghosts and tortured mob ghosts, and even tales of love and romance with ghosts of past underage and married couples. 

We stopped outside a few venues like the Ryman and the Presbyterian Church to hear tales of spiritual warfare, confederate soldiers, and even past country music stars that come back to help new artists write and shine with wonderful music. 

Whether or not you believe these tales is up to you, but I personally love hearing the tour guides renditions, stories, and some history along the way. We were lucky to have a tour guide that does some historical research to support his tales, so he was able to answer questions. Our tour guide does have a day job, and we could tell he was passionate about sharing this city and her spirits with us guests. 

The tour itself was slightly over an hour long, and even though we started late, we still had our entire experience, unlike some places that would cut it short. I think that if he had another tour after us, he still would have given us the full time, but would be slightly more rushed than relaxed. 

Our tour guide also had an electromagnetic reader, which is one of the extras that guests can "order" in advance. The meter ran crazy across the site of the Nashville bombing (2020) even though there aren't any special stories there other than a pair of star crossed teenage lovers that used to haunt the Melting Pot. 

Nashville's Ghosts, sponsored by US Ghost Adventures, wasn't as frightful as I thought it would be, but I still loved the experience nonetheless. Be warned, you won't end up back in the same place you started, but your guide will help you get to where you need to go! 

Believe if if you must, but our guide believes that the face of the woman ghost who haunts this building is in this photo. 

Be sure to head to a restroom before your tour, as its difficult to find public restrooms. There are a few, and I managed to convince a bar bouncer to let me into one, but many won't let you in, especially after hours. It was still early enough in the evening, I think, for me. Also, take your water, snacks, etc. Be prepared for walking as well, especially up some of Nashville's hills, so definitely don't wear your cowboy boots! 

The Nashville Ghost tour was great fun for the entire family and was probably the best highlight for my niece. She actually said that it could stand to be a tad bit more "ghosty" but she loved the tales and stories! She said it wasn't scary or frightening at all, and would definitely do it again! This was a great family friendly way to spend Friday night, and even though you might have to cross Lower Broadway chaos after it, depending on your parking location, you will still have a great time! 

Want to visit?

Purchase your Nashville Ghosts tickets online. Tours begin at 

Skull's Rainbow Room, 222 Printers Alley, in downtown Nashville. 

Be sure to check out the other locations that US Ghost Adventures has tours in! Follow them on socials for more great ghost adventures! 

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Have you ever been on a ghost tour? 

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