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Simple Ways to Combat Knee Pain


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When I was growing up, I always thought of knee pain as an older person's problem. I watched my grandmother suffer from mobility issues, mostly due to having arthritis in both knees. I vowed, even as a child, to take good care of myself. I didn't want mobility issues later in my life. The trouble was, I was a clumsy child. I had my first broken bone as young as age three, and haven't slowed down in my forty-one years of life. Countless broken bones, sprains, and two knee injuries later, I suffer from (you guessed it) arthritis in one of my knees.

Knee pain is a common ailment for adults. It can stem from genetics, injuries, overuse, and aging. I have been dealing with knee pain since I injured my knee in my twenties. I was convinced something wasn't right with it, after years of horrible pain when walking, exercising, etc. It has limited my activity and has impacted my quality of life. After a trip to my GP, and Ortho, scans showed arthritis, but no further discussion has occurred, no treatment offered, and there's been no pain relief.

I was forced to take matters into my own hands, and began researching the best ways to address knee pain so I could find some relief at home.

Here are some simple ways you can combat knee pain on your own:


One of the easiest ways to help lower my knee pain after a flareup is to alternate heat and ice on my knee. I love using Warmies, which are adorable stuffed animals that can be cooled in the freezer and also warmed in the microwave. I first purchased one for one of my children and just had to get one for myself, because they're convenient to use, and so warm and cuddly!


Elevating my knee helps tremendously when it's swollen after a hike or rigorous exercise. A simple wedge pillow is handy to keep around for propping your leg or knee up.

Supportive Footwear

One of the things my husband constantly gives me a hard time about is not wearing supportive footwear. Heels, pointy and flat shoes, chunky wedges... not great for anyone with bad knees. A better choice would be orthotic sandals for women, which offer proper support for feet and joints. I always thought that orthotic footwear was for old ladies. I bought my first pair of orthotic sneakers in my thirties, and loved the support they gave me. I immediately felt a difference in my knee, and it helped keep the rest of my body properly aligned when walking. I was no longer favoring one knee over the other, and I noticed my knee pain decrease dramatically. There are so many fashionable styles of ortho footwear these days, and many brands which are dedicated to helping women walk tall and pain-free.

Making simple changes to your life can really make a tremendous difference in one's quality of life. Yes, it can be a pain to have to do certain things daily, but taking just a few minutes to do them is a wonderful form of self-care. Don't we all deserve to live our very best possible lives?

Have you ever had to deal with knee pain? 

What are some of the ways you tackle dealing with everyday aches and pains? Tried any of the above suggestions? Have some more? Feel free to drop a comment below or join our conversation over on Facebook and Instagram.

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