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Outside Adventures This Spring? Include GoWith Socks!


Thanks to GoWith for these products in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own.

Ahh, lovely springtime. The winter blues are melting away, and it's time to get outside! While you are replacing your worn out sneakers, be sure to add new socks to your outdoor wear too! Just like the appropriate outer footwear helps our bodies stay active and healthy, so does inner footwear too. Socks are just as important as shoes. Socks should mold to our feet to prevent chafing, blisters and even wick away sweat.

GoWith offers high-quality, durable socks that will keep our feet comfortable all day long. Whether you are running around the office getting all those projects done before the weekend, or if you are taking a super long walk/ run with your pets in the cool spring air of the early morning or late evening, GoWith has a pair of socks for you. 

I was sent over three types of socks to check out, and I'm in love with all of them. Did you know that all socks are not created equal? Socks should not slip down into our shoes while walking. Socks should not cause blisters. A decent pair of socks could even help with circulation and keep pain from occurring while walking and running.

First up, check out the Women's Bamboo Low Cut athletic socks with arch support. These arch support socks are comfortable, provide ankle protection, and stay up with their reinforced heel and non-binding cuff. There is nothing worse than having to stop your walk because your socks are slipping down into your shoes, and these think running socks won't leave your feet soaked in sweet because they are made with 80% bamboo. The plus side is that they are very soft, almost silky! The arch-support and tight woven fabric provides comfort and prevents fatigue that often hits when we propel ourselves to exercise harder. 

This box contains 6 pairs of low-cut socks, comes in a one-size option, fitting women's feet from sizes 7-11. They can be used for all athletic activities and are perfect for those upcoming warm summer months when you need support but want to be as comfortable as possible! Perfect for spring, they will also help your feet stay dry if a random shower hits because the bamboo helps keep feet dry. 

Second, the Half Crew Compression running socks will up your running game, no matter if you are training for a triathlon or just enjoying the warmer weather. Meant for circulation and recovery, these running compression socks are built to last.

Did you know that compression socks are meant to relieve fatigue and pain that can set in during and after long walks? They help prevent blood clots, help with blood circulation, and prevent swelling that can occur after long training sessions. Compression socks just aren't for medical reasons anymore-they can be for everyday life.

I know that my own dog loves long walks that can leave my legs and feet feeling sore and rough afterward. These socks provide a moderate compression, 15-20 mmhg (or millimeters of mercury), that is meant for everyday wear. When I think about compression socks, I think about those super long, tight sleeves that people wear to prevent leg swelling. These are slightly taller than your average crew sock, but they work just as amazing! Slip them on for recovery when lounging around the house, wear them when out doing everyday activities, and watch your leg fatigue slip away.

The Half Crew compression socks come in a couple of sizes, so be sure to check the charts before purchasing. 

Finally, I was sent the cushioned anti-blister ankle running sock. These are probably my favorite because my heels have always's hated shoes. A lot of socks don't prevent friction, which these anti-blister running socks, are designed to do. There is a special heel cushion designed specifically to prevent friction, to prevent blisters, and to keep your feet happy and healthy while running and walking.

Made with 95% nylon, these socks also have toe and sole cushioning to help promote happy feet! The compression helps prevent sock slippage, and the added comfort provided with the extra cushioning is an extreme plus. I immediately felt a difference when I took my pup on his hour-long walk while wearing these cushioned running socks. My feet didn't hurt as much upon return! These socks are unisex, with colors and sizing for both men and women.

Along with athletic socks, GoWith also provides socks for the dressy occasion, to go with tall boots, and even for your children. 

If you are concerned about your feet and legs, need great protection against the elements, and want to prevent fatigue and ensure comfort this spring season, then GoWith socks definitely must be in your wardrobe. You will find yourself reaching for them every day! GoWith socks will naturally become your go-to sock! 

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  1. I have never used compression socks but as a waitress for over 30 years my feet could probably use them.

  2. My favorite pair of GoWith socks is the Women's Alpaca Wool Crew Vintage Socks With Nordic Pattern. A stylish pair of socks that also keep your feet warm.

  3. I have not, but I would love to try them because I feel they'd be beneficial for my health

  4. I would like to try the anti blister running socks. My heels would appreciate it.


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