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What is Fat Tire Beer And How To Spice It Up?


Fat Tire beer has become a favorite, among craft beer enthusiasts due to its taste and quality. So, what makes Fat Tire beer special? How can you add some extra excitement to your drinking experience? In this guest post, we will explore the origins of Fat Tire beer and discover ways to elevate its flavor.

1. The Origins of Fat Tire Beer

In the 1990s, a craft brewery based in Colorado brewed the first batch of Fat Tire beer. Over time, it gained popularity for its balance of malt flavor well, rounded hoppiness, and beautiful amber color. The brewery takes pride in using top-notch ingredients and following brewing methods.

2. Understanding Its Flavor Profile

To enhance your enjoyment of Fat Tire beer, it's essential to grasp its flavor profile. This brew offers a blend of malty sweetness and hop bitterness. The malt brings forth notes of biscuit and caramel, while the hops introduce hints of fruity and floral flavors with a touch of bitterness.

3. Pairing with Food

One way to elevate your Fat Tire beer experience is through food pairing. Its malty sweetness complements dishes that boast flavors or even a hint of spiciness. For instance, why not try serving it alongside grilled burgers topped with cheddar cheese? It's a lovely combination. Another great option is to enjoy it alongside a platter of BBQ ribs. The flavors will complement each other perfectly.

4. Infusing Flavors

If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, you can pair Fat Tire beer with cuisines like Thai or Vietnamese that are infused with spices and herbs. The beer's malty taste will beautifully enhance the flavors found in these dishes.

Looking for another way to elevate your Fat Tire experience? Try experimenting by adding flavors to the beer itself. You could play around with ingredients such as fruits, spices, or even herbs to create complexity within the delicious base.

For example, slice some strawberries or raspberries and marinate them in a glass of Fat Tire beer for an hour or two. This will infuse the beer with fruity notes and a touch of sweetness. Alternatively, if you add a cinnamon stick or a few cloves to your bottle of Fat Tire and let it sit for some time, you'll end up with a spiced beer that's perfect for those chilly winter evenings.

Don't limit yourself to enjoying the beer on its own! You can also take inspiration from its malty character. Incorporate it into mocktails or cocktails. The robustness of Fat Tire provides a strong base for experimentation.

5. Creating Mocktails and Cocktails

For a summer drink, with a spicy kick, try mixing equal parts of Fat Tire and ginger ale over ice. Another option is to combine it with elderflower syrup, lime juice, and soda water for a bubbly mocktail that brings together tart and floral flavors in every sip.

If you're a fan of cocktails you might be surprised to know that Fat Tire pairs with whiskey or bourbon. Mixing parts of Fat Tire and your favorite spirit creates a hybrid drink that perfectly balances the flavors of both.

6. Exploring Beer Enhancements: Glassware and Temperature

When it comes to enjoying Fat Tire beer, the choice of glassware and serving temperature are factors. Opt for tulip-shaped glasses or goblets of pint glasses as their openings help concentrate the aromas, allowing you to appreciate the malty sweetness and hop notes fully.

In terms of temperature, aim for cooler than room temperature, around 45 50°F (7 10°C). Serving the beer cold may dull its flavors, while serving it warm could result in a loss of crispness. Experiment with temperatures within this range to discover the match for your taste buds.


Fat Tire beer is not your typical craft brew. It offers a flavor experience that can be further enhanced by exploring food pairings infusing flavors or creating delicious mocktails and cocktails. Let your creativity flow and trust your palate as you embark on this journey to elevate your love, for Fat Tire beer! So why not give these suggestions a try at your next get-together. 

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