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Not - So - Wordless Wednesday: Ask in Faith


In praying with my two littles, I always tell them to be bold in their prayers because God always hears. Healing? Ask God for it. A way where there seems to be no way? Make your request known to the Lord. A personal storm re-routed or a mountain in your life that needs to be moved? The Lord hears our cries. 

I also remind them that sometimes our prayers are not always answered, and often times unanswered prayers are the Lord's greatest blessings for us. Sometimes that "No" means "Yes" to something even better than what you were originally expecting. There may be others unanswered that we may fail to ever see or understand. Either way, the Lord always knows what is best for us. When we trust in "according to His will" in 1 John 5:14, we are partnering with Him in His beautiful plan for our lives.  

This is your reminder today that when we ask in faith according to His will, we are opening the door for Him to do only what He can do in our lives. What are you trusting Him to do in and through your life? 

Leave your prayer requests in the comments so I can petition with you or on your behalf. Sending you all love on this Wednesday!

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