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Oh, Christmas Trees


I have dreamt of being able to put up multiple Christmas trees in my home for as long as I can remember. When my husband and I were newlyweds, his handsome blue eyes widened when I mentioned wanting to have a big house with room for lots of themed Christmas trees. At the top of my list was a big family tree, filled with collectible Old World Christmas ornaments, just like the one my parents put up in their living room every Christmas.

Sixteen years, two apartments, and three houses later... here we are. We're finally in the big house with lots of room for multiple Christmas trees. In fact, there's more room for Christmas trees than my budget can support this year. There's always next year, though. This year, we have put up four Christmas trees, each with its own theme. There are three mini trees upstairs, and I plan to add more next year when I have the upstairs of our new home put together a little bit more.

Downstairs, our main family tree in the parlor features blue and white, and holds those glass ornaments I mentioned earlier. It also holds collectible Hallmark ornaments, which my husband and children have collected throughout their childhoods. This is the tree Santa leaves gifts under, and where we gather as a family on Christmas morning.

Our dining room tree is just a simple pencil tree with a buffalo plaid theme. I have added ornaments to this tree over the past three years, and love the way it turned out this year. We spent a lot of time in our dining room (meals, homework, crafts, projects, family gatherings), so it makes sense to have a tree in this space. I found that a larger tree would probably look better here, and plan to switch that up next Christmas.

In our television room sits our Chrismon tree. This tree features gorgeous handmade beaded ornaments which have been made by ladies in our church. Each Christmas, the children in our church are given an ornament so that by the time they leave home for college, they have a full set of their own Chrismon ornaments to take with them when they start their lives out on their own. This tree holds all of our children's Chrismon ornaments, and some of my husband's from his childhood. It's one of my favorite Christmas traditions, and I love that my kids see the large Chrismon tree at church and make that connection with the one at home.

At the small landing at the top of our staircase is the kids' Christmas tree. This tree has a Harry Potter theme, and it holds some ornaments we decorated with Harry Potter symbols, ornaments collected over the years, and a couple of ornaments and a tree topper that we bought on our recent trip to Universal Studios in Orlando. This is a new tree for us, so we still have lots of space to add more ornaments that we continue to add to our collection.

I'll try to share some photos of our mini trees when I get a chance, too!

I love these trees and enjoy styling them a lot. It's a creative outlet for me, and I like being able to change up their looks from year to year.

Do you have multiple Christmas trees up in your home? Do they have themes? I'd love to see your Christmas tree(s). Be sure to share a photo with us over on Facebook.

Wishing you a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!

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