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My Favorite Christmas Movies

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Christmas movies inspire us, bring us joy, and send us to another world. From classics like The Miracle on 34th Street to the latest Santa Clause, movies bring us closer together and remember the real reasons for the season. 

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite Christmas Movies:

1) Holiday in Handcuffs: Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez star in this ABC Family Made for TV movie. A girl down on her luck makes a bad decision to kidnap a guy from her diner. Of course, they fall in love, but not without some antics along the way! It's currently on Hulu. 

2. The Christmas Story. Everyone needs to see a tongue being frozen to a pole, dogs stealing the turkey, and a leg lamp, right? But seriously, we used to have this on in the background after coming home from Christmas Eve services either on TNT or TBS. Now, a cable cord cutter, I find it on streaming after my own Christmas eve services. 

3. Charlie Brown Christmas. Everyone needs to see the Peanuts  Characters act out the Christmas Story. I love how Charlie's friends help him rediscover joy in Christmas. It can be a hard season for many, and we need our friends & family to help us through. 

4. The 12 Dates of Christmas. This 2011 TV Movie resembles Groundhog Day in the fact that the main character relives the day over and over again. Yet, it also resembles a Charles Dicken's Novel as the character undergoes a complete transformation. Its another one I watch every year because I love the plot and story!

5. Home Alone. The "Kevin" classic isn't a miss in my home. If I have time, I watch the entire series (new ones included), but the original is still my favorite! I mean, what 8 yr old has the brains to pull off all those antics to protect his home? My favorite scene is probably the Carol of the Bells in the Church scene though. It shows a side of Kevin that we don't get to see in kids that often- and how he really can relate to the world around him. 

What Christmas movies are musts in your home?

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