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It's Time for the Annual Holiday Sweets: Peanut Butter Pinwheel Candy


My world has been very chaotic this season. I haven't done any of the normal holiday things I normally do, include baking, candy making, or the like. This was thrown out to the MBP community in 2021, but it's still my favorite all-time, and it's still a holiday tradition in my family. The way things are going, I won't get to make it until Christmas day or later, but that doesn't matter because there are literally 12 days of Christmas!

In case you get a spark, this PB pinwheel candy is sweet and very sugary! Ingredients include: peanut butter, confectioners (icing) sugar, and either evaporated or condensed milk, depending on what's available and what your mood is. Sometimes, I do throw some vanilla in.

Tips I've learned over the years:

  • To eliminate a super mess, I use a baking stone as my rolling board. Put your baking stone in the fridge to cool it down. If you don't have time or forget, using parchment paper is fine, but the coldness helps the candy dough from sticking too much. 
  • Flouring the stone, wax paper, whatever you use. Wax paper does work, but sometimes can make the dough too soft, so thats why I prefer using cold stones. Its also easier to clean up that way! 
  • Bench Scrapes will become your friend. The fine edge of the scraper helps to cut the dough into sections and helps to cut the slices when its rolled up.
  • Freeze the other sections when not working on them. 
  • Have your tins/bowls/whatever you use pre-lined. We used tins growing up, because it could be stuck outside in the cold and be fine. Here in the south, I use whatever I can find.. but often have a couple of cookie tins around.
  • It is very sweet, so forewarn anyone testing it, especially if they don't have a sweet tooth!

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