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Disney on Ice - A New Favorite Family Experience!

This past weekend, my friend and I took our daughters to Disney on Ice. What an incredible time it was for all of us! 

One of my core memories from my early childhood years is from when my grandparents took my cousin and I to Disney on Ice. The excitement twirled within me as we sat waiting for the show to start. I remember very vividly chomping on the rainbow colored snowball in my souvenir cup that was shaped like Dopey from "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs". The performers stepped onto the ice and it was magical from start to finish - an experience I'll always hold dear in my heart.

When my friend told me she was thinking about going to Disney on Ice and asked if my daughter and I wanted to join her and her daughter (my daughter's best friend) I immediately and excitedly said "Yes!" I knew that I wanted to give my sweet girl an experience that she too would hold in her heart forever. 

We chose the 10:30 am showing for last Saturday in Greensboro, NC. It was about an hour drive for us, so we headed out early that morning. The girls were bubbling with anticipation as we drove down the interstate. When we arrived, we parked and gave them time to change into Princess Elsa dresses and accessorize to their hearts' desires. 

We entered the building, scanned our tickets, and walked around to find our seat section. As we traversed the arena, something caught my eye - rainbow colored snowballs in souvenir cups! I just knew we had to get one! My daughter and her bestie spotted a cup with their favorite princesses - Elsa and Anna. We got one for each of them. They spotted cotton candy that came with a golden Mickey ear crown and we knew we had to get that too. As I watched them eat their Snowballs, I teared up and snapped a picture. It reminded me of my memory from their age. 

Characters made their appearance and the excitement was overwhelming in the arena. Kids of all ages cheered and shouted as Mickey and crew came out onto the ice. Favorite songs from favorite movies had all of us singing and dancing in our seats. The show was so magical and nostalgic that this softy teared up multiple times. My inner child was incredibly happy to have this new memory to partner with my old one. From the time the first characters stepped out until we left the building, it was a magical event for all of us.  

Disney on Ice will be in Raleigh, NC and in Florence, SC this weekend, December 8-10. You can also find shows all across North America for the rest of December and throughout the winter and spring months in 2024. Check out their tour cities and dates here!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been to Disney on Ice. I’d love to hear your favorite memory from the experience!

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