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Where to Buy Golden Goose: A Guide to Scoring Your New Favorite Kicks

 It can be hard to score your favorite Golden Goose sneakers, but it’s easier in the right places.

Image courtesy of Golden Goose

If you’ve only just heard of Golden Goose, you’re probably eager to figure out where to get these cool shoes. These shoes are high quality, in high demand, and rare to find. They can be worn year round, styled with just about anything, and add a trendy distressed vibe to anything you wear. So many things about these shoes make them a great buy, and we can let you know just where to get them. 

Golden Goose shoes can be hard to find, especially if you want a specific pair, and when that pair is really popular. The really in demand Golden Goose shoes go fast because of their scarcity, so if you want a pair you need to get what you want as soon as you can get it. Anytime you can’t find a particular pair, you can always try finding them somewhere else. Here is where you can buy Golden Goose shoes and all the reasons why it’s a good idea. 

What is Golden Goose?

These silver star shoes are made to pound pavement. Image courtesy of Your Average Guy

If you’re a fan of distressed chic, Golden Goose is a brand that should definitely be on your radar. Golden Goose has been one of the most popular distressed chic brands over the past two decades, and you will soon know just why that is. Distressed chic refers to clothing items that are made to look distressed and disheveled on purpose. Gone are the days when you had to overuse a pair of shoes before they looked worn in and tattered, Golden Goose will send you a pair of shoes that look distressed right away. For anyone who likes a bit of a rough edge to their wardrobe, Golden Goose has the shoes you need to keep from looking too polished and neat. 

Why is Golden Goose So Popular?

Golden Goose is so popular because perfectly polished looks don’t appeal to as many people as they once did. It used to be the case that everyone coveted neat, put together outfits that made them come across as someone who had everything together, But many people want to send a different message with their clothing today. Look at the popularity of distressed jeans. Many people like their jeans distressed, so it only follows that they may like distressed shoes just as much. Shoes that are neat and clean are nice to have, but shoes that are a bit tattered have character. 

Distressed clothing tells a story, and no one knows what that story is from looking at your shoes, but they can tell that you get around and get what you want out of life. Distressed shoes tell a story and give comfort. Whenever you purchase a pair of shoes, it usually takes some time to break them in a bit. And during that time, you will have to walk around in shoes that feel too stiff and tight for however long it takes to wear them a bit. Golden Goose shoes arrive looking and feeling pre-worn

It can take even more time for your shoes to gain character when you don’t wear them often. But whether you wear them every other day or just once a month, you want them to feel comfortable on your feet. So you can either alter your shoes on your own or leave it to the style experts of Golden Goose. Understandably, many people choose to go to the experts, which is why Golden Goose is so popular!

Why is Golden Goose So Expensive?

These shoes shine just as brightly as your personality. Image courtesy of Far Fetched

Golden Goose is a luxury Italian brand that makes each shoe specially. Unlike the average sneaker you can get from the department store, these shoes are each handmade with top quality materials. The designers go all in on every detail to bring each customer the most unique pair of shoes possible. Even in a single shoe box, each shoe might be slightly different from the other. Golden Goose does not send out two perfect pairs straight from a mechanical assembly line, they make sure that you know they put thought into it. And like shoes that have been distressed through everyday use, they don’t look exactly the same from one shoe to another. 

Since Golden Goose shoes are made by hand, they take longer to make than the average shoe, which in turn creates a higher demand. The creators can only make a small number of shoes by hand each day, so there are a lot more people in line for certain shoes than they are able to ship out. Anything scarce is automatically worth more. 

Another reason Golden Goose shoes are expensive is due to how they value their workers. Their willingness to pay their workers decent wages that rival the average clothing manufacturing worker’s wage makes their prices go way up. So the price tag may seem high, but those high prices go towards paying workers and sourcing the best material for unique handmade creations. 

The Most Popular Golden Goose Sneakers

Now that you know what makes Golden Goose sneakers so desirable, if you want to get a pair yourself, you’re probably wondering where to start. A good place to start is checking out some of Golden Goose’s most popular sneakers. These are the sneakers that most people are clamoring for, and the ones that may also catch your own eye. The term ‘sold out’ is one you will come across a lot on this hunt, but that is why we have listed some places online where you can get some of the most popular pairs right now. But hurry before these are also sold out! 


Trendy, cool, and just tattered enough to add extra personality. Image courtesy of Far-Fetch

These are Golden Goose’s most iconic sneakers. These shoes are what started Golden Goose’s signature side star. They can be found all over Golden Goose’s website, and come in white gold, silver, burgundy, and other fun colors. They are updated each season to stay current, giving buyers unique new updates all the time. 

Where to Buy: Goldengoose.com



Sky Star

These shoes look like they’re ready to take on a basketball court. Image courtesy of Shopbop

The sky star sneakers are leather high tops that come in various colors. The tops reach up towards the sky and will have your ankles feeling snug and comfortable. Get them in white, black, green, a mix of several colors, or in white and red. They are an authentic representation of high top sneakers that will cap off any good outfit well. 

Where to Buy: Shopbop.com



Ball Star

Make a shabby chic statement with a bold animal print. Image courtesy of Golden Goose

The ball star sneaker takes you back in time. These sneakers harken back to college campuses, basketball courts, and skate parks of the eighties, bringing your outfits character that represents a whole different time period. If you want to add some edge to what feels like a boring outfit, as soon as you slip on these shoes, your outfit will be a lot more exciting. These shoes come in many different styles. Some are more subdued and some are more bold like these awesome leopard print sneakers. 

Where to Buy: Goldengoose.com



Pure Star

Everyone could use a plain white pair of shoes. Image courtesy of Golden Goose

Golden Goose offers a lot of variety, and part of that variety is their Pure Star sneakers. Pure star is where style meets comfort. These sneakers are all white, which gives a nice change of pace from the brand’s usual aesthetic. Pure star sneakers are great for someone who wants comfort and style from a high quality brand, and wants those shoes to be clean and white. Even the most edgy fashionista might want to wear something more subdued from time to time, and Golden Goose offers something for any occasion. 

Where to Buy: Goldengoose.com



If Golden Goose isn’t already your favorite shoe brand, it certainly might be after you get your first pair in the mail. Finding these shoes can be a hassle because of the high demand, but once you get your hands on them, you will only want more to hold onto! So get online and start scoring some of your new favorite kicks. This isn’t a purchase you’ll regret.

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