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Stay at the Beaufort Hotel During Your Crystal Coast Vacation

My stay at the Beaufort Hotel was sponsored by the Crystal Coast Tourism Office and MMGY NJF Public Relations.All thoughts and opinons are my own.

Finding accommodations is not a hard thing to do along the Crystal Coast. Camping Adventures, Cheap Seaside Motels, Vacation VRBOS, and midlevel to fancy hotels all exist for any price point and budget. The offseason often holds cheaper rates and higher availability as inseason can book up months in advance. 

This trip, I had the distinct pleasure to stay in the Beaufort Hotel. I've heard about this hotel in the past and was excited to check out its housing and many amenities. Despite the 75+ weather days of early November, the pool is seasonal and was closed during my stay. Yet, the hotel doesn't disappoint in other ways!

The Beaufort Hotel is not located in downtown Beaufort. Rather, its alongside of Taylor Creek, near marinas and docks. When pulling into the drive to check in, I noted that it is rather "land-locked" as space is limited on both sides. 

Valet Service is there to greet you and help direct you to the front desk. Check-in is 4PM and Checkout is 11 AM. There are a small amount of pet friendly rooms upon request with an extra fee (which is a plus for those of us with traveling 4 legged friends. I don't travel often with mine, but if I ever did, I appreciate this!). 

All guest rooms are non- smoking too, which is awesome for those of us with allergies. A lot of the motels and older accommodations along the coast have allowed smoking for years and even if they switch over, my nose (& sinuses) can always tell. 

Self- Serve parking exists offsite, and its down the road just a ways. I opted in for the $15.00 day valet service as I knew I would have some late evenings and didn't want to be walking alongside the road by myself in the dark. In the summer, this wouldn't have been an issue at all. Valet Service made it so easy though! I would drive up, drop my car off, and off to the room I went. 

When I needed the car, I walked out and showed them my tag, and incoming the car came. They were fast and there was no wait, but alas, it was off season. It started getting busier closer to the weekend as the valets told me there were going to be two weddings on the upcoming weekend! Tipping valets is recommended, but they have an app with QR code. I waited until the end of my stay to tip both the valet and housekeeper, but you can choose to do what you wish. 

Check-in was super easy and directions given to my side of the hotel were clear. The hotel has two sections. The front desk and onsite restaurant (more about that later) are located in one building with upstairs meeting spaces/ venues that are perfect for business fucntions, weddings and parties. The rooms, fitness center, and pool are located in a second building that is attached via a covered portico, accessible outside of the first building. 

All doors on the room side of the hotel are equipped with key card security, which I liked for security and privacy sake. I was given a room on the first floor and off I went to find my space. 

When I first walked into the room, I was shocked at how spacious it was. Most hotel rooms are crammed, with beds and furniture occupying space, so that many rooms as possible can be placed into the building. The Beaufort Hotel's Boutique lens allows its 133 rooms to be spacious and comfortable. 

My King Sized Bed was firm, but the pillows were like heaven. A sofa bed (with provided linens) existed in the room alongside of a table and two chairs. 

Room options include:

  • King Bed With Sofa Bed (urban view)
  • Two Queen Beds (urban view) 
  • King Bed With Sofa Bed (Pool view)
  • Two Queen Beds (Pool View)
  • King Bed With Sofa Bed (Water view)
  • Two Queen Beds (Water View)
  • Corner Room King Bed With Balcony
  • King Premium Bed Waterfront With Sofa Bed
  • King Suite Premium Waterfront One- Bedroom Suite (with Sofa bed) 
I was placed in a King Bed with Sofabed Pool view. The view wasn't that bad. I really didn't spend that much time in the room, so I probably would have missed out on overlooking the water anyway. This trip went by so fast that I wished I had longer to relax! 

When I arrived in the room, the TV was on and set to the Beaufort Channel. This Channel provides commercial- like info about the area and gives several hotel options.  A sliding glass door opens to allow a view of the pool and accompaying patio. 

During check-in, we were given some information regarding hours, amenities, etc but there were also other placards in the room to help us know about room service, maid service, tipping, etc. 

My favorite Room Amenties:

  • The Room came equipped with a single-serve coffee maker (not pods, but those round coffee discs), an ice bucket, and mini fridge. 
  • Charging Ports were plentiful. USB ports, electric prong ports, and even an alarm clock with a cordless charger existed in this king sized room! I had no problem plugging in my electronics and all the outlets/ ports I tried worked.
  • Electric Blackout Shades. Whenever I watch the Holiday, I envy at the blackout shades used in that LA bedroom. I do have blackout curtains in my bedroom at home, but these shades were absolutely WONDERFUL. With the press of a button, a sheer curtain and the blackout curtain can totally block off light or open up the space and let the glorious morning sunshine in. The Sheer curtain allows for slightly more privacy with the blackout curtain open. 
  • An outdoor balcony with two chairs and a table. I didn't have much time to sit outside as I wasn't in the room that much this trip, but I usually make it a point to enjoy my coffee, reading, or some sort of quiet on the balcony. My view did face the pool, so I often saw people walking by, but it was relatively quiet. 
  • The Shower. The walk-in shower had this shower head that was like rainfall upon my back. Complete with Tommy Bahama bath products, the shower was something I highly enjoyed. I love my morning showers anyway, but this was supberb! 
  • Free Wifi that works! A lot of times, hotel wifi is spotty, at best, especially when at capacity. Or, as most brands are moving towards, paid wifi service on top of the room charge. I love that the Beaufort Hotel provides free wifi that is easy to connect too! 

Hotel Amenities:
  • The viewpoints from the Beaufort Hotel are breathtaking. Taylors Creek provides a picterqsue view of the creek, the wilife on the other side, and of the hotel itself. There is an outdoor gas fire pit, with a knob that just turns it on and off, nearby the outdoor party venue. 
  • A nearby dock complete with a summer Tiki Cruise allows guests to experience life on the water, complete with cocktails! There are a couple of other family friendly options that include sight seeing, Carrot Island, and dolphin excursions. 
  • The Fitness Center allows guests the chance to workout. When I walked in, I saw a pristine clean Fitness Center with up to date equipment. TV's were on sports channels, water was available in a cooler, and workout towels were clean and waiting for use. 

  • The Pool- as I said, its seasonal, so its now closed, but during season a pool and whirlpool are both available. 
  • Self Service Laundry is available. 
  • Rentals- Guests can rent golf carts and bicycles during their stay. 
  • A Marketplace is available for those last minute needs or items you may have forgotten, or if you have a sweet tooth during your stay and don't want to stop at the grocery. 
  • Finally, a concierge service is available. The front desk clerks are also knowledgeable and helpful when trying to determine needs like parking, etc. 

A Hotel without a restaurant is just a hotel, but a hotel with a restaurant makes your vacation even better! 34 North offers an exciting menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a brunch option on the weekends.  In-room dining is available as an option as well. The restaurant is frequented by locals, often has evening live music, and has a fantastic menu created by some inspiring chefs! 

I was able to eat breakfast in the hotel and it did not disappoint at all. There is an option to have breakfast delivered to your room, if you fill out the cards the night before, but I forgot to do this.

Anyway, I had the time and it was a beautiful morning of the last day of my time in the Crystal Coast, so I opted to head over to the restaurant. Reservations are recommended for the evening, but I was able to walk right in for the morning breakfast. That may be different in the high season, so always call over to the hostess and ask if you think you might want to eat there the next morning. 

My 34 North breakfast was the Beaufort Benedict. Two Carolina Style Crabcakes topped with Eggs and a hollandise sauce, served with home fries, filled my belly along with a wonderfully brewed coffee. 

I enjoyed sitting out on the balcony overlooking Taylors Creek and seeing the morning sites, but as people awoke and became alert, the restaurant noise levels rose, even outside. The wedding activity had started so I knew I wanted to depart before it got too hectic!

Checking out was a breeze too. You don't need to stop by the desk to check-out, but I wanted to be sure that a copy of my final bill was sent to my account. You could also call from your room to do that too. I handed off my card to the valet so that when I grabbed my luggage, I could be ready to go. 

After finishing packing and checking the room one last time, it was time to depart. My magical stay upon the Crystal Coast wasn't quite over, as I was heading into town for an hour or so before hitting the road, but my time at the Beaufort Hotel was officially over.

I would go back to this hotel in a heartbeat. There were some mornings that the doors slammed and I heard noise in the hallway, but otherwise, it was a relatively quiet venue in the off season, especially during the week.  

I know I will miss the electric blackout shades. I actually think thats my favorite amentity of them all as I HATE light in the mornings, especially until after I shower and dress. No other hotel I've stayed in the past has had this amenity, so I'm thankful that the hotel people thought of everything!

Families of all ages would enjoy the experience here. Rooms are large enough to not feel cramped, so that your kids would have room to play. There's even room for a pack n play or crib, if one is needed for the youngest member of your family. I did see some children on my last day, probably related to the wedding, so its not too fancy of a place that kids cant be around. You just might need to keep them from pressing all the buttoms on the electric shades ;) 

It's a boutique hotel with lots of charm, with attentive staff who take pride in what they do. I always encountered a smile and if someone didn't know the question, they pointed me towards someone who did! 

I even had the chance to meet (by accident), the hotel's engineer on my last night's sunset cruise, and it was great to learn about his family and why they reside in this small little coastal community. Another great aspect of visiting a small town in the off season-you will generally connect and meet someone, even without trying! I really appreciated it because he saw me departing from breakfast on my check-out morning and ran outside to wish me well. That really does show me that the staff at this hotel care about their guests and value relationships. 

The Beaufort Hotel is the perfect accommodation to suit your family's needs. No matter whether its a special occasion (note.. book your weddings and parties EARLY), or just a family-friendly outing on the Crystal Coast, this is hotel should be on your must-experience and must-stay list! In fact, I've been home a few nights now and I'm dreaming about those luxurious linens. I may need to call and find out where the pillows come from! 

I am glad to have shared my fall adventures with you and hope that you have checked out all the articles related to the Crystal Coast for recommendations on attractions, dining, entertainment, and free stuff! 

Thank you for joining me on my Crystal Coast adventures this past week. I hope that my insight will help you plan your next trip to the coast, including on where to stay, where to eat, and what to do. After all, winter break is coming, then Spring break will quickly be behind it! 

There is nothing like the off season on the coast.. even if the winds are cold and the days are shorter, there is still much to see and do! If you want to wait until next summer, go ahead and book your Beaufort Hotel rooms, because I was told that they do sell out often during high season! 

Fall on the Crystal Coast is well worth visiting, and I hope that you consider heading over for some great adventures soon! 

Want to stay?

Reserve your room(s) at the Beaufort Hotel and be on your way to a wonderful sleep. 
I'm already missing those Blackout Shades! 

Find the Beaufort Hotel at 244- Lennoxville Road, Beaufort NC. 

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