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Salivating Dinners at Beaufort Grocery Co.


Thanks to Crystal Coast Tourism and MMGY NJF Public Relations Firm sponsor my dinner at the Beaufort Grocery Co. All thoughts are my own.

For over 30 years, this unique and cozy restaurant has offered mouth watering fares for its patrons. Nestled along the residential section of Queen Street, still in the historic district, but just off the riverfront, The Beaufort Grocery Company sits beside the Blue Moon Bistro, which I visited just a couple of nights ago. 

The Beaufort Grocery Company is open for lunch and dinner, along with Sunday Brunch, and offers a varied menu. Lunch selections include deli sandwiches, soups, and salads to warm and fill souls and bellies of those who wander in. 

The evening takes a different twist, as the menu transforms itself into a sophisticated selection of items that please any diner. It's fancy, but not fancy, all at the same time. Reservations are definitely necessary during the evening meals (and probably Sunday brunch as well), as I barely saw an open table the entire time I was in the restaurant. 

Upon walking in, I could see the original outline of the grocery turned restaurant. A deli counter exists with a wonderful display case of all the dessert offerings. The banisters were lined with gadgets that would be used in a grocer/ butchers shop, such as a weighing machine, a slicer, etc. 

There is a section that leads off to the kitchen for servers, and a section for all the tables. Tables are tightly woven together, but still walkable. In the very back, a small bar makes room for singular patrons who might just wish to grab a drink.

Upon entering the establishment, my server gave me two different table options. One was nestled in the back corner of the space, but it felt almost too claustrophobic when I glanced that way, so I opted for the table option that was more in the middle of the scene. This gave me the chance to browse other patron's plates, see the server's reactions, and strike up conversation with the persons next to me. 

The servers all seemed very attentive to their guests, even if they had several tables and were running drinks, desserts, and items all over. My wonderful server shared the specials with me, gave me some great tips regarding the meals, and was patient as I tried to figure out what I wanted to eat.. umm..devour (because I skipped lunch, I was starving!). 

At Beaufort Grocery Co, bread service is NOT included, so I decided against this and voted to stick with the main entrée and perhaps a dessert. Each entrée comes with salad and or the soup of the day. Choosing a classic house salad, I had trouble figuring out a dressing I wanted because they all sounded amazing. Going with the classic house, it did not disappoint. The dinner salad was larger than I anticipated, but was mostly lettuce, tomatoes, and a couple of cucumbers. 

The entrée was difficult to select as well! The specials included Scallops and Filet Mignon, but just having rib eye the night before, I wanted something that I wouldn't normally make at home or purchase in Wilmington. Immediately, the Lamb caught my eye. 

This is not a menu item I would typically select, but the description sounded divine. A half rack lamb grilled with a BeauGro pepper jelly beurre rouge (red butter sauce), chèvre, mint gremolata, potato, and veggies. The lamb came out perfectly. 

I told the server to cook it according to chef's recommendations, as I trust them, but I generally don't like things too rare. This wasn't at all. The Pepper Jelly Sauce combined with the chèvre was the perfect combination. Chèvre is goats milk cheese and can have a bite, but the sauces took that out completely. The potatoes were puréed, I think, and the veggies were delicious as well! 

Following my entrée, I decided to dive into the world of desserts. Listening to my server describe the selection next to my table, I sort of knew what I wanted when she came up to ask me. I decided to get a piece of the Chocolate Chess Pie. I found out later from the hostess that I could have asked for it warm, and didn't even think about that fact when I ordered it! It came out cool and still had the same delicious taste. It was a huge piece and I couldn't even eat it all!

For those who don't know, Chocolate Chess Pie typically resembles a brownie. It generally has a custard like filling that once set, resembles the inside of a brownie, while its crust cracks just like the top of a brownie does. It is a staple in most southern cultures and is usually mouthwatering oeey gooey goodness straight out of the oven! 

I forwent the coffee this evening, and probably needed it to counteract the richness of the pie. I don't say this very often because I have a huge sweet tooth, but the Chocolate Chess pie was too sweet for me that night. 

Maybe it was the combination of my filled stomach and the richness of the creamy pie, but I definitely couldn't finish it all. In fact, I think that slice could have been shared by two people! 

One of the best things about the Beaufort Grocery Company is that you can look at the desserts in their cases before choosing your selection. I saw several patrons get up and go check out the varied offerings to see what their tables would like and consume.

You definitely can't go wrong visiting the Beaufort Grocery Company for dinner, or even lunch! In fact, the next day, I was walking by grabbing some photos in the daylight, and the staff was out take photos of the daily specials, and it looked so good. If I hadn't just eaten breakfast about an hour half before, I would've gone in and grabbed a sandwich!

I'm not so sure that dinner service has menu items that children would love, but you can check it out and determine for yourself. I noticed that most of the patrons ranged from young adults to retirees having a night out. 

I actually joked with my server when I asked her to take a photo, saying I know that its not that type of place, but she told me that it was, that it is actually more casual that we give them credit for, so that take for what its worth. Attire varied- I wore jeans and a sweater, but I also saw more appropriate  dressy dinnerware and other casual ware as well. 

The Beaufort Grocery Company definitely needs to be on your dining list when you venture out in Beaufort. You won't be disappointed, and their locally sourced selections, along with amazing specials, means that you and your loved ones will find something to enjoy. 

Want to dine here? 

It is recommended to make reservations for evening meals.

The Beaufort Grocery Co is currently open for Thursday-Monday lunch and dinner. 
Sunday Brunch is available. Catering and a Food Truck are available for your event needs as well. 

Find the Beaufort Grocery Co at 117 Queen Street in Beaufort, NC. 

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