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There are moments in life you hold your breath... then there are the moments that take your breath away. These moments make up memories. Today, I want to share some of my funny mommy memories. 

E has alway been precocious. I know most moms and dads can claim their children to be advanced, but E really was. He picked up a lot from my sisters, school, and I. In Connecticut,  you have to take a test currently known as the Kindergarten Entrance Inventory. Teachers meet with kindergarten aged children to gauge where they will be placed when they start school.  They ask a few questions to see what the kids have in language, literacy, motor, and social skills among other skills. One specific question was about a green block.  They asked E to describe it. He said it's green and it's square. They asked him to give another adjective and he was immediately offended. He answered it's a block. As we are leaving he said he didn't want to go to school because if the teachers couldn't figure out how to describe the item they shouldn't be teaching.  I had to explain that they just wanted to know what he knew so they could best prepare him, but it took some reassurance on my end that they were just testing him.

Fast forward to Halloween - 2005
This will forever be my favorite memory.
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. This is the one day of the year where it is acceptable to pretend to be anyone other than who you are and it's expected instead of a lesson learned. Funniest E story ever. We walked up to a house where a man was dressed in a costume with a puppet on his hand.... E chucked and I mean chucked his candy basket at him and ran down the street... me being me I was laughing too hard to catch him. As he got older I offered again and my very logical child informed me that I warned him about strangers especially the ones offering candy and now I am telling him it's OK to go to strangers and ask for it.

My son is now 22 years old. I still see his as my precocious child and I love hearing his "adult" stories now.  What are some of your favorite mommy memories?

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