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Luxury Holiday Sleepwear from Identity Lingerie


Thanks to Identity Lingerie for sending this pyjama set in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own.

If you are like me, you might have sleepwear that is developing holes due to years of wear & tear and multiple washing. I've never owned luxury sleepwear, as I've never really thought about spending the money on such things. Yet, I realize it's time to invest in some quality sleepwear that might help me catch the Z's even quicker, as I find sleep shirts and shorts often get twisted and caught.

Identity Lingerie provides luxurious quality nightwear and lingerie. Now, the last thing I often think about regarding sleep is fashion, but I do often think about comfort.  The company's motto is for all body types to wear sleepwear, lingerie, and other accessories with confidence, and love how they feel and look, even when sleeping. 

Identity Lingerie offers high quality and ethically crafted items so that their customs can value self-worth and self-esteem over the world's harsh beauty standards. We all can look and feel confident in whatever we wear! 

Sleepwear and lingerie can be sexy, can be appealing, but also can be comfortable. I was sent their short silky button up pajamas in green just in time for the upcoming holiday season. I can't and don't wear long pants to bed, unless I'm at camp, because I get incredibly hot. Camping season, especially if it's related to my job, is often a different story. Plus, I hate that twisted feeling the pant legs get around my ankles in the middle of the night after I've turned a gazillion times. 

The Short Silky Button Up Pyjamas in Green is available for sizes S- XXL. Custom sizes and length can be made upon request as well. Identity Lingerie is a family-owned operation, and it's obvious that they care about their customers, especially those that might need differing sizes. 

The shorts are high-waisted, which I like so that they won't roll down in the middle of the night as well. The set is made with a loose fit, the shirt has a chest pocket, and the shirt is short sleeves. The material is a satin polyester. There is an elastic band that doesn't cut into my stomach at all. A lot of shorts hit in an uncomfortable area, and then I end up pulling at the waistband all night long. Not with this set!

It's hard to tell because of the lighting, but this is like a hunter type of green that would match the holly, ivy, and Christmas tree in your home! It's a darker color, but perfect for the holiday season! 

If you really want your family to get into the holiday spirit, grab a set of matching pajamas for the loved one in your life. Whether it's your roomie, bestie, spouse, or other, there is a set available! There are plenty of long and short pajama sets to suit all needs. Both men's and women's pajama sets and matching robes are available for you to wake up wearing on Christmas morning. 

If you need to stay warm on Christmas morning, Identity Lingerie also has matching robes. I don't really own a robe, but have my eye on the burgundy long silky satin dressing gown that they offer for women! 

Other lingerie (bras, undergarments, slips) are available as well. There are even dresses to suit your fashion and cocktail party needs too. Whether you want to gift yourself, a loved one, or need a new dress for the upcoming office party, Identity Lingerie has a piece of sleepwear, lingerie, or clothing for you! 

Shop for her, shop for him, and shop for yourself using the Gift Selection tool found at the top of Identity's Lingerie website. Christmas colors are prevalent, but so are other comfortable pieces of clothing and undergarments. 

This holiday season, purchase sleepwear from Identity Lingerie for a great night of sleep and wake up feeling fabulous and rested! 

Thanks to Identity Lingerie for participating in our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide. Head over to MBP for more gift idea selections from our team! 

Want it? Get it!

Purchase the Green Short Pyjama Set or other Sleepwear from Identity Lingerie.

 This UK based company can ship worldwide! To the US, depending on which delivery method is preferred, you will need to build an extra 3–16 days onto your needs, so be sure to order early!

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Does your family wear matching pajamas for the holidays? 

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