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Keep Thanksgiving Dinner Warm With Armadale Brand's HotMat Connect

Thanks Armadale, for sounding over the HotMat Connect in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. 

Are you the type that makes food for holiday parties, or do you stop by the store and purchase something? One of my favorite things to create is spicy cocktail meatballs. Done my method, I don't utilize a crock pot to cook them in, but that is the easiest method to warm them up, so I end up doubling the amount of dishes to wash!

What if there was an easy way to keep food warm in its original heat-resistant dish? This holiday season, I suggest that you invest in a HotMat Connect from Armadale brands. This is a 2 dish modular warming tray that helps keep the electric cord needs down. It's perfect for when there is minimal electric outlet usage available, but allows you to keep foods perfectly warm. 

While the HotMat is foldable, the sections stay connected when folded. The silicon means that folding is very easy and takes no effort at all.

5 mats can connect together to help you make it through your Thanksgiving, Office Party, or Holiday needs. This means that up to 10 dishes can be warmed up using ONE electric socket!

Some things to note:

  • Allow the device to cool before cleaning and storing. 
  • If an extension cord is used, the electrical rating should be as great as the electrical rating of the HotMat and have the same type of electric plug (three-prong). 
  • Before using, wipe the aluminum and silicon surfaces with a damp cloth. 
  • Use on a heat-resistant material that can with stand 130 Fahrenheit temps. 
  • While it can be left on for up to 72 hrs, don't leave it unattended! It is an electric device, after all. 

The HotMat has two heat settings: One Line= warm, and Two Lines= hot. It will take about 20 mins to reach the desired temp. The Red Power light remains on when plugged in. 

There are a few different colors available for the HotMat, so that you can pair it with your other hosting decor. I received 2 HotMat Connects in red. This means that I have 4 warming plates for my next family function! This is the perfect gift for that person in your life who is ALWAYS taking the cheese dip, the spinach dips, etc. to the tailgate party! It's easy enough to travel with because its foldable and super light. 

The best type of dish to use is one with a flat base and edges that aren't too high. HotMat recommends using metal pots and trays over ceramic dishes, as they conduct heat better, but honestly, any heat-resistant dish would be okay for the warming part of the HotMat.

I'm thinking towards all the functions where food is often served warm, but ends up cold. Spinach dips, game day wings, chocolate fondue, and more will stay warm with the HotMat Connect! You can also keep all of your sides HOT until mealtime too, because there is only so much space in the oven, right? 

This Mat is incredibly easy to set up, to carry, and to use. Its two settings means that it's not complicated at all. Although they can be easy to lose, I do like removable cords because it means that devices like this are easier to store and lay flat. I also like how it just needs to be wiped off in order to clean it. 

I can't wait to take it with me to my next food-related function and help all the foods stay warm! Warm and hot food is even better on Turkey Day and Christmas Day, so I highly recommend grabbing a HotMat Connect for your food warming needs. This will make the perfect gift for any chef or host/hostess in your life!

Thanks to Armadale Brands for being featured in our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide. Head over to MBP for other great gift guide selections. 

Want it? Get it!

The HotMat Connect from Armadale Brands can be purchased on their website or Amazon. You can also find it in the homewares department of your local stores, like Walmart

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How/ Where would you use your HotMat Connect?

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