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How to Style Platform Sandals

 A Guide to Rocking the Modern Elevated Style of Funky Footwear

Platform sandals are a fun way to spice up any outfit! No matter whether you plan on dressing up or opt for a casual outfit, platform sandals pair well with everything. As the summer season is coming to an end, you may be wondering how you can continue to incorporate your sandals into your wardrobe. But, you don’t have to say bye to the sandals until the hot weather returns next year. You just have to know how to style them!  

It’s best to plan ahead when choosing your outfit for the next day. Usually, that means planning your outfit and choosing a shoe that matches. But what if you just got a new pair of platform sandals and you have no idea how to style them? Well, this article will help you do just that. 

Styling Platform Sandals

If you’ve gotten yourself a pair of platform sandals, you’ve probably been dying to wear them. You may be so overwhelmed with deciding on what works well with them, that you might not have mustered up the courage to wear them yet. Hopefully these tips will help.

Styling platform sandals for the summer is so easy! The shoe can match just about anything in your closet, such as:

  1. Shorts

  2. Maxi Dresses

  3. Short skirts

  4. Jeans

  5. Rompers

  6. Bathing Suits

Caption: Adding a little height to your shoes can elongate your legs and give you a more simple, yet stylish look. Photo courtesy of Shopbop.

Alt Text: Woman posing in a black dress with platform sandals and a bag.

Pairing the shoe with any of these pieces in your closet will have you looking ready to take on the summer holiday. But when it comes down for wearing the style any other time of year, you might not know which way to wear the shoe. 

It’s no doubt that people think of summer when they think of sandals, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Platform sandals aren’t your typical sandals. You can easily wear the shoe any time if you know how to style it correctly. 

What to Wear With Chunky Platform Sandals 

It’s easy to get regular platform sandals and chunky platforms mixed up. When you think of a platform shoe, you probably think of the standard size of the platform. Something to give you a little height, but not something over the top. Now, that’s not the case for all kinds of platforms and it’s easy to forget that. 

Platform sandals come in all different styles and heights. If you prefer chunky platforms to regular ones, there are many different ways you can style it.  Most of the time, chunky platforms come in fun, bold colors. The already bold chunky shoe style is a statement piece in the first place, but the colors make it all that more appealing. 

Caption: This not-so-subtle shoe and skirt pairing can quite literally elevate any look. Photo courtesy of Shopbop.

Alt Text: A woman posing wearing a pastel patterned skirt and dark chunky platform shoes.

You can pair the chunky sandals with a funky patterned skirt to channel your inner y2k. It’s a simple, yet bold pairing that is comfortable and allows the wearer to experiment with different looks, all while giving themselves a little more height. 

Caption: It’s hard not to notice the sophisticated, bold red shoe and dress look. Photo courtesy of Shopbop.

Alt Text: Woman posing in all red, sporting platform sandals, dress and a tote bag. 

However you choose to style the eccentric footwear, do so with pride. The iconic shoe choice not only accentuates your frame, but gives you that extra boost of confidence and height that will keep you comfortable and stylish.

What to Wear with Black Platform Sandals

Caption: Sometimes the best items of clothing are the simple pieces. Photo courtesy of Shopbop.

Alt Text: Woman standing wearing black platform sandals and jeans.

Platform sandals, especially black platform sandals, have been all the rage this summer! The shoe can go with just about anything you own in your closet, so learning how to style this fun shoe will be oh-so-easy.

A simple black shoe is an essential in everyone's wardrobe. But black platform sandals are taking over and you need to know how to style them properly. A simple black monochrome sandal like the one pictured above is all the rage. 

If you’re going for a chill vibe like the woman pictured above, then you might opt to pair your black platform sandals with some jeans. Black shoes go with any outfit and that’s no exception when it comes to platform sandals either. They pair well with jeans and a simple t-shirt or if you’re looking to dress it up for work, then no matter the style of the sandal, it looks just as classy as any other shoe. 

Caption: Black platform sandals compliment any outfit! Photo courtesy of Shopbop.

Alt Text: Woman standing and wearing platform sandals with dress pants.

If you’re going for a more classy, chic look, then sticking with subtle colors is your best bet when styling your sandals. Unlike the laid back look that jeans or brightly colored/ bold patterns would look like with black sandals, simple colors such as grays, whites, browns or other shades of black would be just the simple, yet elegant touch when dressing up the shoe. 

When it comes down to what to wear with black, you want a lighter color to pair with it for a more subtle, classy look. If you want to make it an everyday wearable shoe, then stick to your everyday wardrobe and there’s no doubt that the shoe will match perfectly. It’s easy to match black with any color, so use this to your advantage when wearing your platform sandals! 

How to Clean Platform Sandals

Once you’ve gotten your favorite pair of sandals, it’s good to know how to clean platform sandals. Shopbop’s platform sandals come in all different textures, and each of them require different ways of keeping them clean. 

For leather, it’s best to be gentle and to clean them by hand. In no way shape or form should you be throwing your leather sandals in the washing machine, that would only damage them. Soak them in water and use a cloth with some detergent to clean them.

To clean wedge sandals, it’s quite simple. It’s hard to damage them, so if you're a little rough it’s totally okay. Just some soap and water should be fine if you rub them hard enough. These are the most simple platforms to care for as they are made out of the hardest materials. 

Caption: An open-toe platform sandal is a must have for special occasions and outings. Photo courtesy of Shopbop.

Alt Text: Woman wearing tan platform sandals.

If you own a pair of suede sandals, then be very careful with the way you handle them. Refrain from using water on suede as it can easily be stained. Instead, stick with dry materials such as dry-erasers and brushes, and add a little rubbing alcohol here and there if necessary. Vinegar is a great substitute if needed, but be sure to be gentle with the suede as it’s easy to ruin the shoe. 

How to Walk in Platform Sandals

Lastly, you need to be able to walk in your sandals. Now that you know how to style the fun shoe with your daily outfits, here comes the hard part for some people. Depending on the size of the platform and the person wearing them, walking in platform sandals may be challenging. 

Although the shoe may look high, platform sandals aren’t necessarily that hard to walk in. You just have to be confident in your walk and make sure you don’t stumble. It’s easy to do that with any platform shoe, but it is considerably easier than a heel, that’s for sure. 

If you know you have a hard time walking in heels, then a low platform would be your best bet. But, if you so desperately want to learn how to walk in them, or already have mastered the art of wearing tall shoes, then here are a few tips you can follow.

Practice Your Walk

Be sure to wear the shoes before leaving the house. You want to do a few practice walks to make sure you don’t stumble upon leaving the house. A good rule to follow is to take short, small steps. It’s easy to lose balance unexpectedly, but by putting one foot after the other in a slow rhythm, you’ll be rocking the shoes in no time!

Caption: Once you’ve established your walk, you can take on the world with confidence. 

Alt Text: Woman walking on the street wearing sandals.

The best way to learn how to walk properly is by following the heel toe rule. You want to start with your heel hitting the ground first. If you start with your toe, you increase the chances of accidentally tripping on something. 

Speaking of tripping, it’s highly recommended that you practice your walk because there may be cracks in the sidewalk or the pavement you’re walking on may be uneven and your shoe could catch on something. If you’re already confident in your walking skills, then you could catch yourself before falling if something may come up. This also prevents you from straining or twisting your ankle, which can happen when wearing tall shoes.

Keep a Good Posture

If your posture is bad, you have a bigger chance of stumbling. To ensure that your feet stay planted on the ground and the off chance that you tumble and hurt yourself, standing up straight can help a lot. When you're standing up straight, you’re balanced correctly and there’s less of a chance of any mishaps. 

You want to keep your head up, shoulders back, and walk with a purpose. If you’re unsure of yourself and your walk, this will make walking harder. You appear more confident when your posture is good and when you appear that way, you eventually start to embrace the confidence you radiate.

That’s our quick guide on how to style platform sandals!

Keep in mind that when wearing and styling platform sandals, it just comes down to confidence. When you leave the house knowing that your shoes go with your outfit, that makes you feel more confident in yourself. That, combined with your newfound confidence in your walk, you will be unstoppable!

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