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Corral Your Cables with The CordBrick Weighted Accessory

Thanks to CordBrick for sending these great phone accessories in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. 

If your nightstand looks like anything like mine, it's a mess of nighttime stuff, including charging cables and various devices.  The smartwatch, the cell phone, the laptop, the lamp, and the Kindle cords all get twisted and intertwined together. Now, I don't keep all of those cables out all the time, but some do need to be, and I do get tired of trying to find the ends, of the port end disappearing in the abyss behind my nightstand, and the cord popping out in the middle of the night after I wake up and check the time.

Then enter my office desk: cords never stay in place, often disappear into those dark hard to reach places, and become just a general nuisance!  

The solution for all of this chaos is CordBrick! This weighted silicone brick holds cables in place, keeps ends from disappearing into the dark nether spaces between the wall and furniture, and helps you keep your sanity because the end of the cord is always near. 

The product does not need adhesive and is mobile, so it can be moved around based on your needs. It is also a product that can easy travel. Just wrap your cords around it to keep them from bending, breaking, or getting lost and get on the road! 

The CordBrick has 6 channels that are designed for holding 4 cables or wrapping 2 cords. The brick can be rotated to be a stand for your phone and can even hold your ear buds. No more hands and knees when you knock them off the table! 

Uses for your brick:

  • Remove cables when charging and replace afterward for best use. 
  • Clear Cord clutter by setting the brick near the edge of a surface and letting excess cord hang off the back.
  • Shorten cables by wrapping them around the brick and using the outer channels to hold the ends 

  • Utilize the brick as a stand by touching it to your phone. 
  • Use the brick as a life for your phone
  • Use the phone as a prop for angled viewing. The phone must be leaned against something.
  • Use the brick as a multi-tool to hold ear pods, pens, and don't forget it can be used a fidget tool. The silicone, while sturdy, isn't terribly rigid. 

To be honest, I used my brick while charging, and it was not annoying or obnoxious at all. I already struggle with my cable cords becoming damaged from pulling and ending up on the floor, so I'm not too overly worried about that. In fact, it helped me from pulling ON the cable and keeping it plugged into my phone. I have a long cable too, so this is helpful to keep it in check rather than it lingering on the floor and my foot getting caught in it. 

I'd say the only issue is using it while charging is that when moving your phone around with the cord in the CordBrick, means that the CordBrick might not stay in place, as there is no adhesive attaching it to a surface. 

The CordBrick comes in 8 colors, with one of them being glow-in-the dark! I can't wait to give these out as Christmas gifts. I think even my niece and nephew will like them for their own charging devices! 

This holiday season, be sure to grab a CordBrick for your loved one's stocking! These would make great gifts for your office colleagues, family, and basically anyone who uses charging cables. If you find that your own charging cables are getting frayed, CordBrick also has a wireless charger with a wall brick and regular cables for USB-C and iPhone Lightning ports. 

Thanks to CordBrick for participating in our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide. Head over to Mommy's Block Party to check out many more gift ideas and adventures! 

Want it? Get it!

Grab your favorite color CordBrick for a stress-free charging solution!

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How many cords and cables are on your nightstand? 

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