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Cat Door Training: Ways to Teach Your Cat How to Use a Pet Door


Cat doors are a great way to give your furry companion the freedom and stimulation they need to live a healthy life. The installation process is simple and possible anywhere from walls, sliding glass doors, wood doors, and windows. Plenty of options for cat parents, but perhaps the most overlooked aspect is introducing the pet to the cat door. Many cats experience issues whether that be fear or misunderstanding; hence, cat door training is essential. 

Introducing the Pet to the New Door

Change is challenging and stressful for cats. Before installing the pet door, cat parents should introduce their feline to the concept. Allowing the cat to explore the new cat door is an excellent idea to reduce or eliminate stress. Pet parents should begin by taking the cat door out of the box and leaving it open for a few days before installation. The pet takes time to assess the new product on its terms. In the case of an electronic pet door, the pet parents can accompany their act and spend time together exploring and registering the microchip into the cat door.

Adding the Pet’s Body Scent on the Door

When the installation is complete, it is challenging for the cat to get used to the new door. One of the easiest hacks to make cats realize something their own is to add their body scent. The pet parents should rub the cat towel or other accessories all over the door. The cat’s scent transfers over to the pet door. It gives the cat a feeling of their territory and suddenly show interest in the new door. A new cat parent should try the hack and enable the pet to use the cat door without stress.

Leaving the Door Flap Open

While cat door training, leaving the flap open is the best practice. It allows cats to get the idea that there is a hole in the door, window, or wall, and it needs to pass through. It is an ideal training tip for opaque and magnetic flat cat doors. It is easier to train a cat to pass through clear and transparent flaps. It is helpful because it allows them to see where they are going. Magnetic flaps are ideal for insulation, but it is difficult for cats to push through. Leaving the flaps open is the best way to train a cat to use their new door.

Adding a Cat Toy or Accessory

Sometimes motivation plays a role in helping cats to get through their new door. With the door flap either open or closed, pet parents should stand on the other side with the cat’s favorite treat or toy. Luring them with rewards for successfully passing through the new door gives them the inspiration to try out new things. Including a toy or a treat is an excellent cat door training method. It has been in practice for a long time, and new parents should practice it too, and help the cat get accustomed to the new door.

Temporary Flap Replacement and Opening the Door for Pets

Some cats don’t like using the flaps. In such scenarios, temporarily removing the flap is an effective solution. Instead, the cat parent should use a sheet wrap or cloth because it is easier for the cat to push through while training to use the door. The motive of installing a cat door is to render freedom of movement. Some cats are visual learners, and they learn by imitating their pet parents. When a pet parent shows the way to open and close the new door, cats learn by observing in the initial days. Allowing the pet to observe and follow is a part of the cat door training.


Pe owners install cat doors without realizing that their feline friends don’t understand the concept in the beginning. Several methods help pet owners train their cats to use the door. From the above analysis, it is clear that cats are easy to train using the pet door. Some cats have an easier time understanding and using it than other cats. To ensure that pets are not stressed or anxious with a sudden change in their lifestyle, conducting cat door training days before installation is a wise decision.

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