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Beaufort's Best Kept Dinner Secret- Blue Moon Bistro

Thanks to the Crystal Coast and MMGY NJF Public Relations Firm for sponsoring this dinner. All thoughts are my own. 

Beaufort's small historic waterfront is home to many restaurants, shops, and boating tours that entice visitors into their doors and onto ships' decks. With a plethora of restaurants, it can be difficult to determine where the greatest and best meal might be enjoyed. Family-friendly establishments are abundant, but sometimes you just might want a special meal to start or end your vacation. 

The Blue Moon Bistro, nestled off of Queen Street, in one of Beaufort's historic homes, is a meal experience that you don't want to miss. When I walked into this historic home turned restaurant, I was immediately intrigued at the divine smells, the cozy atmosphere, and the wonderful waitstaff. 

The Bistro, opened for about a year by the current owners, boosts a casual french cuisine with a menu full of items that are locally sourced as much as possible. I could tell that the two chefs love their jobs and love what they do, with the quality, and creation of the menu items that I selected for my meal. 

Despite a varied variety of wines and cocktails, I stuck with a soda and water as my drinks of choice. I did accept the offered bread service that provided rolls and some sort of amazing butter concoction. I forgot to ask what kind of butter it is, but it was smooth and velvety!

After careful studying of the menu, I decided that I wanted to attempt something different. Seafood is abundant in Wilmington, so I really wasn't looking for another meal of shrimp or scallops, but when I saw the Brasstown Beef Ribeye, I knew that would be my meal that Tuesday evening. 

When my plate arrived, my medium rare ribeye was cooked well, sliced, and cut like butter, and was very delicious. It was accompanied by collards and fingerling potatoes. Two different sauces were on the plate, one being a slightly sweet green sauce that I loved. I asked the server to find out what it was, and of course, have now forgotten its name, but it was divine! The ribeye also had a rosemary garlic compound butter that made everything taste excellent as well.  Why is that compound butter ALWAYS makes a steak taste excellent? 

PS.. I never eat collards. I have never liked the taste. These, well, no idea how they were cooked or what they were cooked with, but it was one of the first things gone off my plate! 

Once my plate was cleaned, it was time to contemplate dessert. A few choices entertained my taste buds, but ultimately I ended up going with the beignets. These aren't your typical New Orleans style fried dough w/ powdered sugar beignets. 

No sir, because at the Blue Moon, they are fancy with their beignets! This plate could have been shared, but I scarfed every one of the 4 beignets down into my tummy. Don't worry- I walked off all those calories later on! 

The deep-fried dough was light and fluffy, but was covered in a very tasty cinnamon sugar. Topped with a vanilla glaze, these beignets melted in my mouth smoothly but were oh so filling AND scrumptious! Accompanied by French press coffee, the dessert was absolutely magnificent. Not only was my tummy filled, my caffeine level was replenished as I headed off to the Beaufort Ghost tour post meal. 

My dinner didn't stop there, as the server took time to talk with me about the restaurant, complete with some tales of mystery and mystique related to the old historic home they were housed in. As I was going on the Ghost Tour later, I encouraged her stories, but was also slightly curious about the home and its original inhabitants. 

The 1827 Dill House is home to the Blue Moon Bistro, but not much is known about the family. We know that the home was named after a Sea Captain that is important to the town, but I haven't been able to discover how or why. At any rate, tales of his spirit still lingering amid the restaurant after closure are plentiful, as even my server has experience strangeness herself. 

Believe what you will about the home, but definitely believe me when I say that the Blue Moon Bistro NEEDS to be on your dining list when you visit Beaufort. I don't think your small ones would really enjoy the tastes of the menu, unless you have raised them to be curious and adventurous, so I would stick to a joyous celebration, a quiet evening out, a girl's trip location, or just a nice solo meal by yourself. 

Your menu may vary a bit as selections do change based on seasons, item availability, and the French-trained chef's whims. They are certainly creative with their meals and often come up with new plates, sauces, and desserts to satisfy all types of tastes! The server told me that the Brasstown Ribeye is ordered often, but so are the daily/ weekly specials. I don't think one can go wrong with any of the menu items! 

Also, the serve was attentive that I mentioned I couldn't eat mushrooms as I was debating on which selection, and she was sure to notify the chef in case there was an unexpected twist upon my meal. It's not a really a menu that's great for those with major dietary restrictions, but if you reach out to them, I imagine that they would discuss your available selections in advance if you wish to dine with them. 

Want to dine here? 

I highly recommend you make reservations prior to heading on your Crystal Coast vacation, as they are becoming more popular and well-known. I think outside dining is available, as there are tables there, but I'm not sure if they serve outside during the off-season due to light and weather. 

Right now, the Blue Moon Bistro is open for dinner Tuesday-Saturday evenings. The Blue Moon Bistro is located at 119 Queen Street, off of the historic downtown of Beaufort, North Carolina.  

Follow the Blue Moon Bistro on Facebook and Instagram for the latest specials and news. 

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