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Moving to a New Neighborhood? Here’s Your Comprehensive Guide to Locksmith Services


Moving to a new neighborhood is an exciting journey, filled with the promise of new beginnings. However, it can also be a stressful process that demands careful planning, and one important factor that often gets overlooked during the move is the security of your new home. This article provides essential insights into the potential risks of moving into a new home without adequate safety measures.

The Risks of Not Securing Your New Home

Amidst the excitement of quickly settling into your new home, it is common to overlook some crucial safety measures. According to a 2013 survey on how many people replaced the locks on their new homes, 74% of respondents confessed to neglecting lock replacement during a move. Failure to change locks could leave your property vulnerable to break-ins, increasing the risk of theft by previous keyholders.

The Risk of Burglary Doubles in the First Year Post-Moving 

Official statistics from the UK Home Office reveal that during the first 12 months after moving into a new residence, the risk of a burglary is twice as high as usual. Another concerning statistic indicates that over 30% of people retain keys to their previous homes. In addition, consider that there may also be a  possibility of babysitters, cleaners, handymen, construction workers, or real estate agents having a spare key.

Home Insurance Problems 

Failing to change the locks on your new home can potentially lead to insurance claim complications. If an intruder gains access to your new home using a key, most home insurance companies will refuse to pay the policy because no signs of breaking and entering are needed to validate your claim.
When you do decide to replace the locks in your new home, you should contact your home insurance provider or carefully review your insurance policy to determine the minimum lock standards they mandate. Installing the wrong locks could instantly void your home insurance coverage. Contact a 24/7 locksmiths in your area once you've determined the appropriate locks, who can efficiently install them within minutes.

The Importance of Regular Lock Upgrades

Many people fail to regularly upgrade their locks and believe their current ones are sufficient. A Yale study revealed that 65% of people haven't made any security improvements to their homes in the past two years. Trusting old, potentially worn-out, or outdated locks and alarm systems at your new home is very risky.

Securing Your New Home Effectively

To improve your new home's security, contacting a professional residential locksmith is recommended just before or immediately after moving in. Changing or rekeying all exterior door locks is crucial, especially if you're moving into a less secure neighborhood. Lock rekeying is a quick and cost-effective service provided by professional locksmiths.
Consider investing in high-security single or double-deadbolt locks, which may be more expensive but provide long-term security and peace of mind. Look for locks that meet the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grade, with Grade 1 being the most secure. 

Additionally, increase security on window sliders without locks by adding latches, deadbolts, and bars. Apply security film to windows, utilize door chains, and reinforce entry points to deter potential burglars. Call a locksmith for expert guidance and recommendations if you're unsure about the best solutions.

Smart Security Systems Improve Security

When relocating to a new neighborhood, it is important to consider the latest security options in addition to your traditional locks. Smart security systems offer a proactive and connected approach to home protection. These systems allow for remote monitoring via smartphones, seamless integration with other smart devices, sophisticated motion detection, configurable alerts, and enhanced deterrence. They complement physical security measures with automation options such as scheduled lighting and remote door locking. In conjunction with updated locks, a sophisticated security system provides total protection for your new home, allowing you to fully embrace the promise of new beginnings in your new area.

Final Thoughts

When moving into a new neighborhood, the significance of ensuring your new home's safety cannot be overstated. While the risks of neglecting security measures are considerable, embracing these precautions can greatly enhance your peace of mind. Each step contributes to a safer, more secure living environment, from changing locks and upgrading security systems to adhering to insurance standards and considering regular lock maintenance.

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