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Halloween Costume Inspo From My Own Closet


As you get your ghoulies and ghosties ready for a night of fright, make sure to take stock of your own wardrobe and costume needs! 

Don't let the kids have all the fun this year during your annual trick/ trunk or treating/ fall festival night of fun! 

For me, Halloween is about the cutesty fun parts, like Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Horror- ehhhh, no. I'll be up for days if I get a glimpse of any movie that have things go bump in the night. I never even liked our classic 90s movies such as Scream & I Know What You Did Last Summer. PS- why do the characters in those movies ALWAYS run back into the house or jump into the "dead" car?

So, back to costumes. The last few years I've had a couple of reasons to dress up: trunk-or-treats and Halloween parties. Did you know that if you get creative enough, you don't need to go out and buy a lot of stuff? Just check out your wardrobe, maybe buy (or borrow) a prop/accessory or two, and be on your way to a random costume!

The left photo-Trunk or Treat where I was a medieval peasant. Don't ask me about the green hair because I totally don't remember how this costume started. Someone ended up saying I look liked a peasant ghost come back to haunt them. PS- it was super hot and my makeup melted to look like that mess!

The right photo-Madame Leota at your service, without my shining ball of bright light. Basically, I used a dress already in my closet, did "something' to my hair, and aimed for the best. 

In 2021, I attempted a Sally Brown costume, from It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. In years past, I've tried to be Flo from Progressive, teachers, witches, and whatever great props I can borrow or find. 

So, it's time to start checking out your closet and figure out your costume without having to go buy anything. You know you will have just as much fun as your kids dressing up! Maybe it will give you a chance to put on that fancy dress that you haven't worn in ages. Skip the heels though-we don't need to end up in ER with a twisted ankle from stepping off the curb wrong, do we?

Who will I be this year? I haven't thought about it too much yet. Let's see what inspiration strikes this week! If you have ideas, send em on over and I'll put on my own thinking cap too!

Tell us in the comments or on our socials what you figure out from within your closet! Also\, if any of your Candy Tax includes Reese's, I'll be glad to take those off your hands for you!

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