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What Type of Jazz is Most Popular for Weddings?


Hiring a live jazz band can be very special for a wedding and it’s one of the best entertainment options because it has upbeat vibes but can also be very slow and romantic when you want the bride and groom to dance together. 

If you have a wedding coming up, you might be stressed or concerned about how to choose the perfect jazz music for your wedding. When it comes to jazz music for weddings, you want to make sure you have romantic music but also choose music that people can dance to and have fun with. 

Many live jazz bands will make playlists for you, but most people prefer to create their own playlists which means you might need some advice on exactly what music to choose. 

Jazz Music For Your Wedding 

When you have a live jazz band for your wedding, people will see your reception as being sophisticated but also highly fun and classy. Most of the time, guests at jazz band weddings will be happy to dance the night away all night long. 

If you want a fun wedding where people are not afraid to dance and have fun, you need to make sure to use a jazz band. 

Make sure to think over carefully what music you want to play at the wedding though because you will need to ensure it matches the tone and vibe of whatever is happening in the wedding at that moment. 

Having the right band and the right music makes this easy which is why you need to choose who you hire very carefully. 

Here are just some of the jazz music that is perfect for a wedding. If you put some of these songs on your playlist, the ceremony is sure to be fun and very romantic:

  • I’m Glad There Is You by Julie London 

  • My One and Only Love by John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman 

  • You Stepped Out of a Dream by Sarah Vaughan

  • I’ll Be Seeing You by Billie Holiday 

  • LOVE by Nat King Cole 

  • I’ve Got a Crush on You by Ella Fitzgerald 

Of course, there are also many modern songs that people can turn into jazz songs so if you have a modern artist or someone you like listening to, you can ask the jazz band if they can play that person’s music and turn it into something jazzy. 

Why Use Live Jazz Music At Your Wedding 

While some people prefer to have a DJ who just plays recorded jazz music, this is not the same as having a real live jazz band that can completely change the tune and vibe of your wedding. If you want to have your guests have real fun while dancing and enjoying the party, make sure to go with a live band rather than choosing a recorded DJ. 

Here are some of the best and most excellent reasons you need to make sure to choose a live jazz band for your wedding. 

More Styles Available 

When there is a live jazz band, there is endless opportunity for varied and versatile music. You can have roaring 20s music when you want people dancing and jumping or you can play smooth jazz for when you want to wind the party down. 

No matter what your vibe is or what your crowd wants, you can make jazz music to better suit the interests of the guests you have at the party. 

If you see that your guests like one tune over the other, you can ask the band to play more of that and less of some of the other things you might have originally put on the playlist. 

Endless Dancing 

When you have the right jazz music, your guests will invited to the dance floor where they can be on their feet and enjoy dancing the whole night long. When you have a professional jazz band, they can also read the room and determine what kind of music the people might prefer. 

The best part about jazz music is that it can be perfect for all age groups so you never have to worry about some people enjoying the music and others just sitting down and not wanting to get on the dance floor. 

Jazz music can even encourage younger people to dance with those that are older at the wedding which means there is a place for everyone on the dance floor. 

Modern Music and Jazz Go Together 

While some people think that jazz music is for the older generations, this can’t be further from the truth. Modern music can easily be turned into jazz tunes so just let the musician or band know if there is some modern music you want to hear on your playlist. 

When it comes to planning a wedding, you have the freedom and choices to get what you want to have. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event so you want to make sure can have it exactly how you dream of it to be. 


One of the best parts about jazz bands is that they are all different sizes. You can choose a small band if you are having a smaller wedding or you can choose a larger band if you are having a big large wedding and want a band that can play at a grand venue. 

If your wedding is very small, you can even hire just one or two jazz musicians to make the ceremony more intimate and classier. 

Final Thoughts 

Hiring a jazz band is one of the best decisions you could ever make for your wedding. While we gave you some suggestions for the best music and songs to play, there are endless choices for jazz band music at a wedding. 

Ideally, you want any song choices or playlists to be a good mix of upbeat music and romantic choices. This way the bride and groom have their moments together and then there are also plenty of opportunities for the crowd to get dancing. 

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