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Soccer Mom Season

Living my best “soccer mom” life with this Game Day hat from Marshalls and giggling to myself about what 16 year old me would think of such things. 

My friends and I used to joke about not becoming “soccer moms” when we grew up. For some reason the idea of minivans and soccer stickers was the antithesis of cool. Now, here at am just smiling over the 40 year old me that is loving every moment of being a soccer mom. 

Honestly, I love every moment of being a mom period. Soccer just happened to come with the territory for one of my sons. My other son sits alongside of me and watches the game, snacks in hand. My husband would be the one losing his voice on the sidelines because he’s the assistant coach. 

I absolutely love the activities that being a mom enables me to participate in. Having kids kind of thrusts you into social situations whether you plan for it or not. Maybe it’s dance class, gymnastics, sports or art class. Whatever your kiddo gets involved in, you’re going to be a part of it. 

I always knew I wanted to be a mom but as a teenager, the soccer mom persona from movies gave me the ick! I don’t think all soccer moms are alike but I do think I’m exactly what gave me the ick as a teen. Knowing that makes me love this season even more. Give me all the ick and all the cringe. I’m here for every moment! 



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