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Ok Monday... Let's Do This

It's another Monday. I'm wondering why the weekends pass so quickly.  I struggle with Monday motivation and I wanted to share what gets me going in hopes this will help you too. 

Start the day Right 

1. Listen to music
2. Grab breakfast- It makes a world of difference 
3. Don't rush. Even if you are running late... be late. Rushing sets the mood for the day.


1. Take a break even if you are busy 
2. Drink your water 
3. Read a chapter of a book or catch an episode of your favorite show.


1. Still to a bedtime routine. Yes, I'm an adult with a bedtime. 
2. Take a shower with a lavender scented body gel, soap, or scrub. Lavender isn't only relaxing for babies. 
3. Turn off the television, the lights and your phone. 

It's easy to get bogged down with life.  I get overwhelmed when my schedule is mixed up or my self imposed tasks for the day are not completed. I have to remind myself that I am just one person and tomorrow is another day. Remind yourself too.

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