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My Top 3 Favorite Fall Memories


As a full time Church Youth Director, Fall has often been quite busy and leaves little time to enjoy the changing weather, the scatter of the leaves, and the scent of pumpkin in the air. Yet, as I sit here and reflect upon October's of past (I really hope that the ghosts of Falls past don't show up during the wee hours of my night tonight), I think about my top 3 favorite fall memories!

1) Disney's Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party: Disney World or Land is not in the cards for me this fall, but I know a few of you out there who will be visiting, so enjoy every second. There is something magical and wonderful about the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! I love seeing characters, like Jack & Sally, that are not around regularly. The Boo to You Halloween, with the music and dancing, is fabulous. The treats are amazing. And of course, the Hocus Pocus Stage show is the absolute best! This is by far my favorite fall memory!

2) Football Games: Okay, we all admit that the South is hot as Hell's Front Porch during football season, but this doesn't mean that I don't love cheering on my teams any less! My favorite fall football memory was when LR made it into the playoffs. My friends and I sat in pouring rain, literally drenches, because it was the type of rain that seeped beyond any rain gear you owned, watching the football team try its hardest to win. Homecoming is also one of my favorites, but I haven't been able to go in a couple of years. I'm also a South Carolina fan, as an added component of living in the Columbia area for several years and getting to go to some games. Do you have a NCAA football team you cheer on? (Ps- I don't pay attention NFL at all!) 

3) Apples. Apple Picking, Apple cider donuts, Apple turnovers.. just apples in general. It's about the only time of year I eat them. Combine hayrides and corn mazes with apples, and sometimes a pumpkin patch, and I love these moments of fall! What's your favorite apple delicacy? 

What are your favorite fall memories? Share with us on our socials or in the comments section! 

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