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Globetrotter's Beauty Arsenal: Skincare and Beauty Picks for Travelers


Adopting the identity of a real traveller, a citizen of the world that gets fascinated by exploring, is definitely an achievement, that rewards you with deep and intense emotions, friendships, lifetime memories, as well as several soft skills.

Although, this enviable lifestyle, demands also sacrifices. First of all, you most probably need to limit your expanses, in order to obtain the amount necessary to cover the travel, which a lot of times means saying goodbye to take-away food or coffee, new clothes, or not joining friends’ gatherings. The other thing that gets affected, is comfort. Forget about big and heavy luggage, and packing excessive amounts of clothes and accessories that preserve a flawless look.

On the other hand, even if you have to learn how to pack more efficiently, there are items on which no discount is allowed and recommended. And they mostly have to do with maintaining your skin healthy and good-looking.

Therefore, what’s in a globetrotter’s travel kit? 

  1. Functionality

To start with, any product selected and packed must come in travel size, for saving space, being easy to handle and comply to flight regulations

Even if there is not such a version being sold on Fotopharmacy, you can always create your own using refillable bottles.

Also, when possible prefer products that serve more than one function, as for example a shampoo+conditioner, a coloured lip balm, etc.
Other items, that favour your own comfort, such as sleep masks or ear plugs, should also be included.

  1. Hygiene

Being on the go, is not an excuse either for neglecting fundamental face and body care or for not taking essential protection measurements, crucial for your overall good health.
Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes, are mandatory regardless of COVID-19 risk, to avoid infections and reduce the impact of harmful germs. Face cleansing soap also becomes more important than usual, as we are exposed to different amounts of dust and polluted emissions. 

Additional items are quality sunglasses with lenses that protect from all types of dangerous rays, sunscreen with high SPF, as well as lip balm with SPF, and a hat if needed. As we stroll around we may not perceive immediately how exposure to the sun affects us, until it’s too late, and we get dizzy or sunburnt. Thus, we should take precautions even if it doesn’t seem necessary.

  1. Hydration

The last significant factor that we need to take care of, in order to avoid unpleasant dizziness headache, and itchiness, is our hydration level.
The easiest way to keep it at a high level is of course by drinking enough water, and on the other side consuming coffee, alcohol, or junk food as little as possible. 

It also recommended applying face and body moisturizer, and having access to eye drops to use as lubricant when dryness occurs. 

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