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Birthdays and Murder Mystery Party Events


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Do you celebrate your birthday every year with a bang, or do you eat a nice dinner and gradually let them slip into obscurity?? What about your friends? This year, one of my friends has a milestone 40th  birthday, as I did this summer too. I'll be honest, I didn't celebrate my own 40th this year. Normally, I'm at camp with kiddos, but I was home and prepping for day camp. It was a Tuesday, it was over 100 in temp, and it was just one of those "meh" days. 

Ok, I digress.. My friend turns 40 on the 30th. I've been invited to attend a Murder Mystery dinner! To be honest, I've often wanted to participate in one of these, and our community does offer quite a few through various organizations. Typically, they are quite expensive to participate in, though.

As a birthday party, this idea definitely intrigues me, and I'm excited to see what the event will be like! The title of the dinner is called Shamrock and Murder, found on YourMysteryParty.com.  I just received my character information tonight, 

I will become an abstract artist. We are asked to dress the part and will receive pointers for our character personalities and actions soon! So I need to start thinking about what an Irish abstract artist wears. Apparently I am paranoid, think the government is always spying, and constantly studies others to see if they are Irish spies. This is going to be entertaining! 

Have you ever become a character in a Murder Mystery or other type of character party? I'll take all the help!

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