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Thanks Aladdin for sending over these products in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own.

When we head back to school, we automatically think of the list of things that we have to purchase: new shoes, uniforms, notebooks, pencils, and scissors, lunchboxes and even snacks for the kiddos and ourselves. The list can be long, right?

It can also be monotonous. Using the same beauty products, eating the same breakfast cereal, throwing in the same snacks into the lunch box every day does not always bring excitement and joy to the household in the morning. 

This year, add Aladdin to your list of shopping sites to grab your snacks and beauty products from. This ecommerce site will bring wonderful Turkish products directly to your home! Working with the best brands to ensure that the safest best quality items end up in our households, Aladdin features and highlights wonderful products from across Turkey. 

Aladdin sent over several products for me to highlight and share with you! From Morning Tea & Coffee to jewelry, there is definitely something for all back to school needs!

No matter whether you are a tea or coffee addict in the morning, Aladdin has great tea products to get you up and going! Beta Tea comes from Istanbul in several different flavors. Tea Leaves from various regions like the Earl Grey Sri Lankan leaves, are picked to present strong Turkish flavors. 

Different from British and American, Turkish tea and coffee is generally brewed in a double pot. The double pot allows tea to be brewed to desired strength and flavor without loosing heat, the way the American/ British methods do. 

The instructions are included on the website, so be sure to check them out as they vary from American methods. Typically, with a double tea pot, water from the lower pot boils to make water in the top pot (with the tea leaves), brew, as opposed to how we add boiling water directly to tea leaves. 

Next up, Aladdin offers several types of breakfast items and snacks to help you kick start and sustain your day. From morning cookies, Halva (a spread that definitely is an acquired taste), to dates, dried fruits, and nuts there is something for everyone. Myself, well, of course, I gravitated towards the hardly ever eaten or found item of Baklava!

Baklava isn't a traditional breakfast item, although it can certainly be enjoyed with coffee. It's probably more of a special occasion or gift item, which.. I think we can all agree that making it through the first couple weeks of school deserves a treat, right? 

Aladdin has several types of baklava to choose from, and I must say, they are delicious! This sugary pastry is made of phyllo dough, nuts, honey, and a sugary sweet syrup poured over after baking. Different cultures created their baklava differently, based on long-standing traditions of the past. This dessert has existed since the Assyrian reign in the 8th Century. Friends, that is a LONG time! 

Originally found on the plate of Kings, this pastry has made its way into the everyday home, even here in the US, although many might say that one is not rich enough to enjoy baklava every day. Aladdin has several different types of Baklava available. I was sent the Gaziburma Mustafa | Assorted Pistachio Baklava to test out. This comes from one of the premiere Baklava bakers in Istanbul. It does have pistachios in it, which gives it a different flavor and taste. 

Be sure to store your Baklava in the fridge for extreme freshness. It can last up to two months that way! To eat, warm up for 5–7 minutes in an oven/ toaster at no more than 300 degrees. 

I loved this baklava but it's very rich, so go sparingly if you aren't used to sugary sweet items! 

Beauty Products are prominent on Aladdin as well! Goat's Milk is often used in the soaps and lotions, so I decided I wanted to check them out. I was sent a Handmade Goat's Milk Soap Set. The set includes a soap bar and a set of pumice stones to help remove rough/ dead skin! I love the smell and the stones work great. This is a great set to get back in shape after summer footwear!

Finally, I was sent over a set of Gold Plated Silver Nazar earrings from Zanaat Silver. They are 14 gold-plated that give off a shine that will add color and style to any outfit! First day of school, parent/ teacher night, work presentations- these are great! I love earrings that add pizzazz but are not over the top, so they fit well into my style. There are lots of other selections in the jewelry department regardless of whether you like simplicity or bling.

Aladdin also has very important household needs for both the kitchen and bath. New towels might be needed after a summer of mud, sand, and play. Decor items and prayer sets are available as well. 

This back to school season, be sure to check out Aladdin for all of your Turkish delights and needs!

Want it? Get it!

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