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You'll Want to Get Beard, Tattoo, and Skincare for Men from DERM DUDE

Derm Dude believes beards and tattoos tell a story and share life's journeys, the good and bad, the ups and downs. The passion behind Derm Dude is to help make your beard, tattoos, and ⚾⚾look, feel (& smell) their best every day! 👊

Derm Dude™ is for guys who play hard, live hard, and ride hard but want their skin and beards to feel soft. It’s for those who want their tattoos to look bright, vibrant, and alive, and their beards to scream ‘Forget the rules’ every time we walk into a room.

Yeah, they compromise on things like putting down the toilet seat, but at Derm Dude™, they never compromise on the quality of their ingredients and formulas or the results every Dude expects from them and deserves.

My husband really enjoyed the 3-in-1 Power Wash because of its versatility of covering more than one need and absolutely liked the scent, Morning Woodsy. The deodorant has a wonderful scent that lasts the entire day, with his favorite part being it is aluminum-free. 

Derm Dude's Happy Sack Cooling Cream in Sweet Whiskey provided a cool, refreshing feeling for my husband as well as kept the skin, uh hmmm (down there) moisturized while the Amaze-Balls Refreshing Deodorizer Spray made me want to snuggle up (😜).

The products my husband used are only a few of the fantastic products they have! Above are some of their other products and you can purchase sets to get your man smelling phenomenal! 

Want it? Get it!

Check out Derm Dude's variety of men's skincare products and get them ready for fall by visiting their website!

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