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Top 5 90's Back to School Supplies We Lived For


Do you remember back to school in the 90's? I honestly don't remember much about what I wore. I vaguely remember jelly sandals that rubbed blisters on my feet. Yet, my backpack had all the things! From Trapper Keepers to Lisa Frank, with gel pens included, back to school supplies were so special! 

Here's what would have been in mine! 

1) Trapper Keeper: The King & Queen of Organization. I loved this thing! It had folders, pockets, a three ring binder, and don't forget the dividers to keep everything in the proper order! I even used the spine to keep my writing instrument nearby! 

2) Lisa Frank Everything: Pencils, Stickers, Folders. All. The. Things. 

3) Pencil Grips. I don't think these things actually helped our grip. It was more of a toy to play with when we were bored, right? I mean, I might have saved my forefinger a few blisters from writing so hard in my Lisa Frank notebook, but ultimately things grips didn't really stay on pencils and would go flying across school classrooms on occasion! 

4) Multi-Color Push Pen. As the original fidget toy, this pen would allow us to sit and click away, until the glare from our teachers eruped our daydreaming, that is. It was so much fun trying to see if you could push down more than one color.. until the pen broke, that is. Ugh! I don't remember the colors, but they are around today and there's a lot of variety! 

5) Erasers.  We all knew that pencil erasers didn't do anything and pencil top erasers smeared something horrible.  so we collected colorful designed shaped erasers that.. also didn't work. I think it became a game to see how many you could collect! The best eraser was the Apsara Non Dust Rubber erasers that was elusive (and too expensive for my parents) so I just ended up with a regular old jumbo eraser that left pink streaks across the paper. I still cringe, which is probably why I hate writing in pencil today! 

Many of these items have made a comeback in recent years and new variations can be found on Amazon or "maybe" in your local stores. 

What would we have found in your elementary school backpack?

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