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Reclaim Your Fabrics from Pet Hair & Pilling with Lilly Brush


Thanks Lilly Brush, for sending over these pet hair remover products! All thoughts are my own. 

Growing up with larger breed dogs, there was ALWAYS pet hair in our home. It seems to seep everywhere! From clothing to carpet, pet hair attaches itself to whatever surface it can find. It's also twice as difficult to remove! 

If you have a large breed animal with a heavy undercoat, do yourself a favor and grab a Lilly Brush. The Lilly Brush Fluffy Pets brush is made specifically to capture the hair of fluffy pets off your furniture and fabrics! It can remove hair from furniture, bedding, curtains, rugs, pet beds, and more.

Fluffy Pet Brush

If you get dressed for work/ school, then sit down on the couch and are immediately covered in pet hairs, then this product is for you! It's great for those heading back to the classroom, both teacher and students! 

A brush lasts longer than the sticky lint rollers that need refills. Just brush along, in any direction, on any type of fabric, to reclaim your furniture! My pet doesn't have a heavy undercoat and while he does shed, it's light and not always visible. I tried out the brush on my couch and I could see the hair it picked up! It even picked up some pilling and human hair as well. 

Fluffy Pets Brush

It's recommended to brush in a circular or side to side brushing pattern while trying to remove pet hair from your furniture and items. For better results, dampen the bristles with water! Care for your brush long term by vacuuming the bristles. Dampening bristles also helps the brush pick up even more hair- and prevents static in the process. I found that for my own couch, what little hair was there, was captured using back and forth strokes, but I bet the circular strokes work well for coating that comes from labs and goldens. 

Fluffy Pets Brush

I would definitely recommend this for those of you who have pets with thick heavy undercoats. For those of us who have pets with light undercoats, it still works, but we probably don't need it as much. I don't often see pet hair visible on my black pants, for one, but I'll keep this around to do couch and chair cleanings on occasion. This brush is not meant for wiry, stiff, or straight fur. It's designed to capture fluffy fur, the floofballs that end up floating about the room. 

The brush itself is easy to hold at 9.5 inches long. Nylon bristles are easy to clean, and easy to attract the pet hair on your furniture and bedding. 

Save Our Sweater

While you are at it, grab a Save Our Sweater too! The Save our Sweater brush can only be used with natural fabrics like cotton, cashmere, silk, etc. I absolutely HATE pilling on certain clothing items and certainly do look forward to having this available during winter. 

The Save our Sweaters brush has nylon bristles that make it easy to remove pilling that often occurs after snagging or washing our favorite sweaters and items. 

Save our Sweater

I have to admit, I was skeptical of this product. Once fabric starts pilling, it's so hard to get it to look decent again, even with lint rollers. 

I wouldn't say that this brush allows your fabric to be 100% pill free, but with some time and effort, your sweaters can start to regain their original texture. It's definitely not the type of brush that you can pass over once and have a magical brand-new looking sweater again. 

To use the Save Our Sweaters brush, pull the fabric tightly against something smooth while brushing. I tried it out on my couch to try to use my knee for extra leverage. Instead of long strokes, use short quick strokes and be sure to change the direction. I found this to be the hardest part.

 Pulling the fabric tight and taut is difficult when you need a hand for the brush as well. It does work best this way though, and does require some force to get major pilling off. Yet, the product is worthy of having around for those days when you want to save your sweaters and pants from the donation bin. 

When the brush starts to fill up with pilling, just rub a thumb over the bristles to relieve the pilling. But be sure it's not over the sweater! 

If you are looking to detail your car after your furry friends have taken a ride, be sure to check out the other Lilly Brush products that will help you get all the hair out! These products are great to have in your back to school arsenal. 

From teachers needing to look professional on those in service days or random visits from the superintendent, to students making presentations, be sure to have a Lilly Brush available at home! Cleaning the home, cleaning your clothing, and being pet hair free + pill free will make your life a lot less stressful this fall! 

Want it? Get it! 

View and purchase from the Lilly Brush collection and be on your way to a pet-hair free life!

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