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Emotional Stones

Throughout your life, across the miles of memories, you've acquired some rocks.

As you've walked down the road of your life, you've encountered many difficult situations. Every time you walk through the rubble, you pick up a stone and place it in your pocket. As a child, perhaps your rubble was the divorce of your parents, the death of someone you loved, bullying, illness and the list goes on and on. 

Every time you encountered one of these situations, you placed a stone in your pocket and you carry it with you. The stone is the memory attached to the trauma. It stays in the forever pocket of your forever pants. 

Middle school riddled with peer pressure, mean kids or the guilt of being on the other side of that equation. As you've filled up your pockets, the weight became too heavy to bear so you began to fill up a backpack and carry more and more stones on your back. 

You're in the second, third or fourth quarter of your life right now and you realize that the weight of your stones has impacted areas of your life that you hoped it wouldn't. Maybe you thought you emptied your pockets long ago but now and then, you reach in and find a straggler stone. 

Today is your reminder to reach your hands into your pockets and turn them inside out. The weight of your past doesn't have to hold you back from the light of your future. If only it were that easy, right? It's not. It is possible though, one moment at a time. You are an important soul on this earth. There is no one else with our talents, your humor, your intelligence, your useless knowledge, your smile, your sass and your heart. No one else can be you, except you. You were made, nay, designed with such a beautiful purpose in this world. 

Why not stick around and begin to discover how far you can walk on your path, once you start emptying your pockets? 



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