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Dialysis with Dad, Among Other Things

 It's been a long day today. It started around 6am when I hurried to wake up three groggy kids. We rush to get everyone ready for the school bus pick up at 6:45am. My 5 yr old has learned how to self administer his inhaler, which is a big help during the morning rush. Ponytails and snap clips for my girls. Find matching socks and locate shoes that have been discarded around the house from the previous evening. Homework folders, snacks, water bottles in book bags- check. Scarf down a bowl of mini wheats if we have time. Coffee gets made somewhere in there if we are doing well. 

And they are off to another school day on the big yellow bus. My middle child is struggling with getting adjusted to school this year. She has been having anxiety about going to school in the morning. I remind myself to email her teacher today. I get myself ready for work. I notice my grey hairs coming in nicely around my temples and woven through the top of my head. I decide what to wear, put on some concealer and mascara and pack up my laptop and purse. Say goodbye to my husband and head to work. It's early enough to stop for a coffee and biscuit, so I do. 

On the way, Mom texts that her partner Terry is going in for surgery and everything is going well so far. He is having a pretty invasive procedure on his bladder and will probably be in the hospital for a few days to begin recovering. He hates the hospital. She is nervous for him but I remind her that we are praying for a good outcome and tell her not to worry. I make it to work and clock in.  

Work is busy - the phone is ringing non-stop like it does on Monday every week. We all rush around helping patients and fixing and styling glasses. We are amateur miracle workers. Our carefully curated office music playlist carries us along as the morning goes by - quickly - with all the activity. We all wonder if it is a full moon this week. It is. Mom texts that Terry is out of surgery and in recovery. She wonders what time I am coming down to visit today and wishes I was already there. I remember to email my daughter's teacher. 

Lunchtime comes and my part time shift ends. I tell everyone I will be back on Friday after I visit my Dad. Dad has kidney failure and is a dialysis patient. He has been losing weight lately and feeling sick almost everyday. He sleeps a lot. I'm going with him to some doctors appointments this week to see if we can think of anything to help him feel better. Two heads are better than one. I head home and grab a sandwich on the way. The bus will be there soon and the kids will scurry inside for their after school snack session. 

The kids get home and I remind them that I am going to visit Granddaddy for a few days. My husband's parents are coming to help out around the house while I'm gone. I tell the kids to be on their best behavior and be easy to get along with to help everything go smoothly over the next few days. They understand that Granddaddy needs me sometimes. I remind my husband of some "Mom knowledge" about what is going on with each of the kids so that he is geared up for success while I'm gone. I already wrote a daily itinerary and menu and hung it on the refrigerator. He says I act like he is a babysitter who doesn't know our regular routine. I relent, but we both know that it's not the same when Mom is away. 

I pack my things and get ready to go. Hugs and kisses and reminders for everyone. I drive two and a half hours to my Dad's house. On the way, I stop to meet my Mom at the hospital to see how Terry is doing. He's ok but in some pain. He still doesn't love the hospital. We get him comfy and tell him to let us know if he starts feeling anxious. We tell him he is doing great and he will be home in no time. I tell Mom goodbye and head to Dad's. He is waiting up for me. Says he isn't feeling too well today. I tell him I'll drive him to dialysis in the morning and try to catch his kidney doctor to talk to him while we are there. He says ok and he's going to bed. 

I remember I need to write tonight. I sit down to write this post and realize I left my laptop charging cable at work. I hurriedly get to work writing before the battery dies. I set my alarm for 4am. Dialysis is at 5am. I'm glad I am here with my Dad. His dog Roscoe will be my bed buddy for the next few nights. Roscoe is a good dog. He has a bionic leg. That's another story. Goodnight (good morning) to all! 

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