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Be Caffeinated this Back to School season with Vinci Housewares Express Cold Brew

Thanks to Vinci Housewares for the Express Cold Brew in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. 

Back to School season is tiring. Families have to deal with first day of school jitters, supply shopping, open houses, schedule juggling, sports practices, and the start of all things programming. While I don't have kiddos heading into the classroom, I'm one of those that is planning all the programming for families to participate in this year. It's a lot, no matter how much I try to combine and pare down to essentials, as we are all running on fumes. 

So, in these first weeks of school's return, coffee will be abundant and flowing for those who partake in the blessed bean of the caffeinated. (Remember, drink your water too, as the last thing you need is to be dehydrated!).  If you are looking at your coffee maker wondering if it's going to make it another school season, do yourself a favorite and replace it with a Vinci Housewares product now. Don't wait until that morning when you wake up late and everything is going wrong to discover that your machine of magical wonders is now dead. 

Vinci Housewares has several machines ready to make your coffee strong and your breakfast easier. I was sent the Vinci Express Cold Brew with Circle Technology to test out. Over the years, I've not really been a fan of cold brew as it seems bitter and hard on my stomach.  I do prefer good ole fashioned hot coffee with cream and sugar, but this summer's heat is taking the life out of me. There is nothing better than caffeine AND a nice cold drink! 

The Cold Brew Express takes away the long hours and hard work of traditional cold brew coffee. No more leaving it in the fridge for 8- 14 hours. Now your cold cup of java can be ready within 5 minutes time! 

It's super easy to set up and use. Add water to the fill line of the carafe, add 7 scoops of coffee into the Cold Brew Basket, place lid on and select desired Brew Strength, then press Brew button. Add the serving lid to the carafe and enjoy your coffee! 

Remember to follow instructions by adding room temp water only. Also, using fine ground coffee can cause clogs in the machine. A scoop is included to measure out your coffee properly too! 

One thing I love about this machine is that you don't need different instruments and carafes to make Cold Brew. The same carafe is used and goes directly into your fridge! This particular machine uses 7 scoops of your favorite coffee. Leave some room at the top of the coffee filter too! 

Brew Strength settings offered are: Light (5 Mins), Medium (10 mins), Bold (15 mins), or Extra Bold (25 mins). One of the great things about this Express machine is that it can be made in advance, so no more worries if you wake up late. Your Cold Brew is made and ready to pour into your travel mug!

This Vinci Housewares machine has Circle Flow Brewing technology. I've never heard of this so was definitely interested in learning more. Basically, the flavor of coffee grounds is extracted through a continuous even flow of water. This means that the brew is well-balanced, has a great smooth flavor, and even lowers the acidity of the coffee (which can be harsh on stomach and digestion. Ever had heartburn from coffee? It's NOT fun! Especially when you need to teach and be engaged with kiddos!)

This machine is electric, but it takes up minimal counter space compared to most coffee machines. It can be stored easily too. The electric cord is detachable, which is amazing for filling and washing! I love how the lights help tell its brewing story. Red means it's still brewing. When the machine finishes, it beeps three times and then switches over to Blue. It's so quiet that sometimes it's hard to tell, especially when you walk away, leaving it to do its job!

Did you know that cold brew can be warmed? Yep, it can! It retains better flavor and lowers acidity that you end up consuming, which helps out with digestion in the long run. There is controversy out there over if warming causes cold brew flavors to become bitter, so do your own research and figure out the best methods. If you already warm your coffee up in the microwave several times before downing a cup, then it probably won't be an issue for you!

Be sure to regularly wash all parts of the Vinci Express Cold Brew System, except, do not submerge the control lid underwater. The Clean button can be used to bring water through the entire system, especially if switching coffee flavors. It will clear out any remaining remnants. 

I have a feeling that the Cold Brew system will become my favorite way of making coffee until it gets slightly cooler. I do wish that the instruction manual came with a couple of recipe instructions, but there is Google to always help out. It's usually recommended that cold brew coffee sweeteners are liquid form, as there is no heat to dissolve sugar or other products. Honey and Molasses are great options to integrate!

Of course, adding flavors and creamers/ milks will make your cold brew even more special and help you through those first couple weeks of back to school chaos. Coconut milk, almond milk, other plant based milks, syrups, etc. will also work fine too!

Be sure to add the Vinci Express Cold Brew with Circle Flow Technology machine to your back to school supplies list if you love coffee. This will certainly meet all of your coffee needs! The carafe is 1.1 Liters, which is more than enough coffee to last you through the day! That is 4 cups. Even if your carafe isn't full, as various beans absorb water differently, it's still a good amount of coffee! I highly recommend this for all of you who need caffeine to make it through the first weeks of back to school season!

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