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Back-to-School Fashion: Time to Transition to Style Made Simple

Back-to-School is here! It's time to transition those sun-kissed outfits to something a bit more school-day ready.  It might still be warm outside, yet it’s time to think about cooler mornings and the need to layer. This doesn't mean shelving all those summer favorites. With Kidpik, it’s easy to guide your child's style from summer vibes to fabulous fall flair.

Kidpik’s in-house stylists provided these tips:

1) Let Those Graphic Tees Shine by Layering with a Hoodie

Every child has that beloved graphic tee, whether it showcases their favorite band, sport, or abstract design. As the chill of autumn creeps in, layer that favorite t-shirt with a solid-colored hoodie. It's an instant style upgrade that keeps them warm. It also lets their favorite tee take center stage.

2) Denim for Days and Days

Denim is said to be the timeless fashion hero for adults, and the same is true for the smaller set. For the school season, Kidpik’s style team says it’s all about denim jeans and jackets in various washes and colors. Boys can rock vibrant-colored denim, while girls might opt for the classic jean look or even chic corduroy skirts. And of course, a denim jacket - it's versatile, cool, and perfect for those in-between weather days.

3) For the Shorts-Adoring Kids: Cozy Layering

Some kids can't part with their summer shorts, no matter the season. If that sounds like your child, turn to the power of layering. Pair those shorts with a tee or long-sleeve shirt, add a jogger jacket or denim layer, and you have a style statement ready for any weather.

4) Kidpik's Mix-and-Match: The Ultimate Fashion Solution

Want a seamless wardrobe transition? Kidpik's curated mix-and-match boxes are your answer. Designed for style and ease, these outfits make morning dress-ups a breeze. There’s also a shop option that lets you buy individual items or complete outfits for girls and boys that are the ultimate in simplified mornings.

5) From Sandy Steps to Sneaker Strides

As the sand and summer slip away, it's time to replace those open toes with something a bit more protective. Enter the hi-top sneakers: stylish, comfy, and playground-approved. Kidpik's range ensures they pair perfectly with almost anything in the wardrobe.

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