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Back to School: Dry and Cool with Vessi Waterproof Shoes

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks to Vessi for sending over two pairs of shoes and socks for this review. All thoughts are my own. 

Growing up in the 90s meant that my sister and I walked to school. The weather didn't matter because we were too close to school to utilize the bus and our parents both had morning job starts. I remember many days walking down the street in rain, sun, and yes., snow. 

My shoes always got wet, especially in the rain! This is something I still hate to this day. Is there anyone who really likes that icky soggy feeling of wet socks and shoes? No! I would have absolutely loved waterproof sneakers back then, but alas, if they existed, they were too costly for our family. 

Now, as an adult, I find myself always on the lookout for a good pair of waterproof shoes. 

This back to school season, do your family a favor and purchase a pair of Vessi shoes for everyone! Currently, there are 2 Styles in Vessi Kids and 9 Styles in Adults (both men & women). 

Kids Weekend Shoes:
The Weekend Sneaker and the Weekend Chelsea are both kids sizes and styles just for them. Both are great for back to school season and are absolutely needed as the shoe your child will wear this year! 

The school year brings all sorts of new adventures that are exciting for kids of all ages: new sports experiences, neighborhood adventures with new friends, field trips both inside and outside, and of course, school recess! No matter the adventure, your kid's feet will stay dry with the Dyma-tex 100% waterproof integrated into the knot of Vessi Weekend Shoes. These do have laces, but there are tabs on the back of the shoe for easy pull on/ off access, so getting them off after a jaunt in the mud will be a breeze! Weekend shoes are for everyday life with everyday wear, not just for the weekends! 

If your child needs a higher topped type of shoe that acts more like a rain boot but still has all the same qualities of a sneaker, then the Vessi Kids Weekend Chelseas are for your kiddo. Higher side panels, the same Dyma-tex !00% waterproof technology, and a traction gripping rubber sole make up this shoe, so I highly encourage you to check it out! Kids shoes run small so be sure to follow directions about sizing. 

Dyma-Tex Technology: This magically like tech is integrated directly into the knit fabrics of Vessi sneakers. Hand-sized particles prevent the intrusion of water but yet keep shoes incredibly light and flexible, unlike our rain boot counterparts that often feel heavy and clunky. No outer sprays or shellacs are used! This makes shoes lightweight and easy to put on. 

Also, both men and women can find their perfect waterproof shoe for the classroom, outdoor adventures, and everyday life! Volunteering at school? Hanging out at your child/ teen's Friday Night Lights or Saturday Morning game? Tailgating during football season? Need to walk the dog? Taking a weekend walk to get away from it all? No matter the experience, Vessi has several different types of shoes available. 

Women's Boardwalk Slip-on: These are really a summer shoe that is perfect for boaters and water-adventurers, but as I live on the coast, this will make the perfect shoe year round! I'm really not a fan of laces and love shoes that are easy on/ off. The boardwalk slip-on is absolutely perfect for that!

For me, this particular shoe doesn't offer much in the way of arch support, so be sure to grab your favorite type of insoles to switch out if these will be your daily wear shoe. I have some problems with arches and could tell after a while that I needed some more cushioning. This is the result of standing a lot (not necessarily just walking), so teachers, be sure to keep this in mind if this becomes your go- to shoe! 

Otherwise, these shoes are great! They are made with Vessi's Dyma-tex 100% waterproof technology, vegan materials, have a great grippy outsole, and are super easy to get on/ off! 

None of Vessi's shoes are marketed as slip proof, so be careful when encountering slick floors after a torrential downpour. I can guarantee that your shoes will have more grip than your average pair of sandals, and might save you from some embarrassing and painful moments! Also, be aware of this when trying to hike or do outdoor sports. I have a saying from my British days of leading outdoor activities: "Wood when wet is slippery." This is regardless of the type of shoe and sole, hiking boots or not! 

I've used my Vessi Boardwalk Slip-ons for about a month now. I can confidently say that they have become my favorite closed toed shoes. I did get a pair of white shoes and people have wondered why, as white shoes dirt easier, but there were a couple of reasons! A, white shoes have more visibility when walking 4 legged friends at night. B, I really wanted to see how easy/ difficult it is to clean my shoes!

The Women's Weekend Chelsea: I am super excited about these shoes once the cold season hits. I always have trouble finding boots that cover my ankles, but that are made for everyday wear, so I can't wait for it to be cooler to wear these more. I got the all black to be able to wear with work pants, especially Sunday mornings, and as they don't have the white soles, they still look semi-decent when I'm teaching and leading kids events at Church (and running to/fro from building to building too!).  They come with the same great things the Boardwalk shoes do, including a high traction rubber sole, but are built like a boot rather than a regular shoe. I am also excited about the breathable fabric as my feet often get stuffy and hot in regular boots!

Cleaning Vessi Shoes: Vessi only has one pair of sneakers that can be tossed in the laundry: the Weekend Sneaker collection. Both kids offerings are Weekend collections, but be sure to check out instructions for all adult shoes. The technology isn't made to withstand the high water temps and submerged length of a machine washing. 

Cleaning these guys is fairly easy, albeit it might take some scrub effort. Following directions is key to avoid stains and destroying the dyma-tex tech. Using baking soda and vinegar is the easiest, but also non-colored dish detergent works too. Having a brush definitely helps out. I have a silicone based brush that I used to scrub in the detergent mix. I rinsed off my shoes (but didn't submerge). Within 10 minutes and a little bit of scrubbing power, I had a decently cleaned pair of shoes.

Don't use the dryer to dry your shoes! Since it's summer, I used the effects of the sun following a post storm, but I've also used my overhead fan, hotel AC vents, and just left them out to dry. The sun obviously worked the best. In the winter, perhaps placing them near your heat source would work well too! 

The Waterproof Experience:  Whiley Vessie shoes are 100% waterproof, the shoes are not made for being submerged into water, especially past your ankles. If the shoe is submerged passed its covered area over your foot, that is definitely when it will get wet inside!  If you step into a kayak full of water, your feet will get wet. If you jump straight into the river/ lake while pulling your boat up to the dock, your feet will get wet. 

If you take a walk, happen to land in a huge puddle while crossing the street, your feet will stay dry. They are incredibly comfy and let sweat escape, no matter if you wear socks or go sockless. Yet, the water stays out of your shoe, especially during rain! Vessi shoes are really lightweight, and I love walking in them. My feet felt comfortable and free, even in a closed toed pair of shoes.  I do recommend sizing up if you are a half size. 

Vessi's commitment to natural products and sustainability is another reason that you should invest in a pair of their waterproof shoes this back to school season. Not only are they into quality production practices, their commitment to less waste is a plus for me! I'm far from sustainable in all of my life practices, but I do try not to dive too much into the fast fashion part of culture. 

Vessi Accessories: Has the dryer eaten all of your socks? Or maybe the new puppy? Whatever the case of the disappeared sock is, Vessi has great accessories just for you. I was sent over a pair of the ankle socks. These are great for the Chelsea and all everyday socks. Normally, I hate socks, but these were super comfortable. Be sure to check out the hat and gloves too! 

I would absolutely recommend that all people get a pair of Vessi's 100% waterproof shoes for your back to school season! Teachers, Parents, Children, and Working Professionals- these shoes are for you! 

 If you reside in the south like I do, I highly recommend the Boardwalk or Everyday Move slip-on to make your life easier this fall, but also the Weekend Chelsea will be perfect when cooler weather finally hits. 

My day job's line of work is church faith formation with children and adults, and I know that these shoes will be so beneficial for all sorts of reasons. 

There are so many ways that I wear my Vessi's: daily activities, nightly dog walks regardless of rain, Sunday morning adventures from church sanctuary to the educational building with lots of puddles along the way, weekend youth group retreats, community festivals, and much more. My favorite is that my feet stay dry when the grass is wet, which is also something else I hate too. 

There are all sorts of ways I'll wear my Vessi's this back to school season, and I hope you do too! 

Want it? Get it!

Purchase your favorite Vessi style for back to school season!

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