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6 Storage Tips To Help You Keep Your Small Space Clutter-Free

 Are you living in a small home or apartment? Then you’ll know the struggle that a lack of storage brings. It’s easy to end up with more stuff than you have the space for (and need) - leading to a home that’s cluttered and difficult to keep clean. If it’s starting to feel hard to keep on top of things, making the most of the storage solutions available to you will make a big difference to your home - for a more organized home.

Have a look at these 6 handy storage tips to help you banish clutter.

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1. Invest in an ottoman bed

Ottoman beds are having a moment. An ottoman bed is a handy item to help you store a lot of your belongings, especially bulky items. You can use your storage bed to keep your bedding, shoes, clothing - anything you need tucked away. As ottoman beds are designed to lift easily, you can access the things you need at any time, making it a much more convenient option than attic storage or even under-bed storage. 

2. Switch out your wardrobe with the seasons

If you have a lot of clothes, you should think about switching out your wardrobe with the seasons. Not only does this make it easier to find what to wear, but it’s also a good way to clear some space in your wardrobe, making it more organized. Learn how to do the ideal wardrobe switch-out so that you can get your closet organized with ease and even change the way you dress.

3. Rent some additional storage

If storage is a big issue in your space, self storage units could be the answer you need. Self storage can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping your home organized, letting you put bulky items away, and store seasonal items like Christmas decorations or outdoor furniture when they’re not in use. 

Another handy tip - if you can’t afford a unit by yourself, why not share with a friend and split the cost?

4. Make the most of smart storage spaces

There are a lot of easy storage hacks you can use in your small space to maximize storage. From space-saving kitchen storage ideas to ways to organize your closet to store clothes neatly, it’s worth exploring different storage ideas to help you find a place for everything.

5. Use storage boxes to hide the clutter

If you run out of storage in drawers and closets, then boxes are very handy to have around. And the good news is that they don’t have to be your average brown cardboard box - something that isn’t the most attractive on display. You can buy stylish storage boxes designed to hide the clutter easily, helping you add some color and decoration to a space without it looking like you’ve got stuff everywhere. Why not make them a feature on your shelves and stacked neatly in a corner?

6. Use your walls to increase your storage

Using wall storage can be very handy for storing things out of sight without taking up floor space. Units like apartment storage cages are perfect for organizing your stuff without the need to sacrifice floor space for more important things like furniture. 

Frustrated with your small space? Finding ways to store your belongings isn’t always easy, but it’s not impossible either. After decluttering your home first, you can follow the tips above to create a home that’s neat, organized and mess-free for a much calmer living space.

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