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Yummy Combs: Great Summer Oral Care Treats for Your Dog


Thanks to Yummy Combs for sending over these treats for Chachi in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. 

Is your dog friend living his/ her best life? Have you thought about your furry friend's teeth at all? Chachi, my recently adopted Lhasa apso/ shih tzu mix, is eleven years old with some crooked teeth. Despite the goofy smile, the vet is pretty okay with the health of his teeth, albeit there is some minor plaque build up. 

Just like humans, our fur babies need their teeth cared for as well. All the wonderful things we give them affect buildup and can lead to tooth decay, just like us humans! I know when I've had a cavity, or have had to get a crown, it's absolutely miserable, and I'm sure it's the same for our little guys too. For our pets and best friends, they can develop gum disease, periodontal disease, have tooth decay, and all sorts of sensitivities that can make enjoy their care-free summer life difficult. 

This summer, our friends might be out of routines as they go on vacations with us, get boarded/ watched by family and friends. We might have a tendency to appease them with more treats because we feel guilty for leaving them with strangers, at home, etc. 

 Don't fret about those long road trips with all the snacks because Yummy Combs is available to help improve our dog's dental health.

This line of dog treats was created specifically to help our dog's dental health stay clean and healthy. Created by Dr, Joe Roethili with Pets Best Life, Yummy Combs are a dental treat that is designed to clean the gums and teeth of our dogs. The hexagon honeycomb design means that as our dogs chow down, the deep ridges of each side of a Yummy Comb can clean teeth to the gum line. The ingredients used mimic polishing our dog's teeth (although this shouldn't be a substitute for the real thing!). Yummy Comb's 360 degree cleaning action moves all the way around the tooth to remove plaque and tartar. 

Yummy Combs come in different sizes based on the weight of your dog. Chachi is about 18 lbs now, so he received a couple packages of the small size. The sizes go from X Small (up to 12 lbs) to XL (over 100 lbs). 

Yummy Combs do have chicken in them but are free of GMOs, grain, gluten, and lactose. Included is about 44% protein and a formula that supports health and wellness of our pets; including joint, dental, and gut health.

So do Yummy Combs work? Well, the research isn't quite out yet, and I won't know with Chachi until we go back to the vet, but I can say that he loves these combs! They are slightly tough for him to chew, but he continues working on it until it's gone. I think that means that each comb is doing its job as he eats it. I also have noticed that his smile is bigger and perhaps.. even brighter! Or maybe that is just because he's happy to be getting another treat that he loves (while it secretly helps out his health!). 

After a few days of devouring a daily Yummy Comb, he seems to enjoy them. 

He only needs 1 Yummy Comb a day to do the job, although I'm sure he would gladly eat more if allowed.  I do have to say that his stomach hasn't been upset from these, so he doesn't seem to have digestion issues despite consuming quickly. 

The treats are designed to prevent pieces from getting lodged into the throat. They are intentionally designed larger than a dogs' throat so that they do have to chew and swallow instead of just gobbling up whole. 

Chachi has a tendency to eat all of his treats superfast. He still eats this one faster than I'd like, but its design and shape does mean that he has to take more time than just gobbling it down whole. 

For now, Chachi loves them as a treat and I hope that they will do the job intended- to clean his teeth! Periodontal disease is one of the main causes of dog deaths, as bacteria can infiltrate organs. Reducing buildup between vet visits is important to help our dog's teeth, just like brushing and flossing is for our own health. 

This summer, be sure to help keep your dog's teeth happy and healthy with Yummy Combs. Not only are Yummy Combs a tasty treat, they have an added health benefit for your dog's teeth! Regardless of summer travel plans, these are a must-have in your collection for daily usage, just like any medication your pup needs. These treats are not meal replacements by any means. 

Want it? Get it!

Yummy Combs can be found on Amazon, Chewy, Petsmart, and your local retailers. 

Click here to enter your zipcode and find out about purchasing! 

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How regularly does your dog get a dental check-up?

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