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Summer Pet Care: Brush, Wash, and Care for Your Animals with HandsOn Gloves!


Thanks to HandsOn Gloves for sending me a couple of pairs to try out! All thoughts are my own. 

Summer Travels and Summer Adventures means your dog might need some grooming more than before! No matter whether they are creatures of the black lagoon and live for the water, or if they just absolutely LOVE being out in the rain; HandsOn Gloves will help your family take care of those brushing and grooming duties. 

HandsOn Gloves are literally gloves that are used to brush, bathe, and massage your pet while also grabbing onto pesky hair that can float away. The gloves are made of strong nylon fabric that have nodules to grab hair and offer massage points. There is a fastener around the wrist to help the gloves stay on the hands. Providing a flexible grip, these gloves can be used with livestock, dogs, cats, and even horses!

Hands on sent me a pair of purple large gloves to try out with my small pup. So, for my dog Chachi, he sees a groomer regularly because his needs haircuts to prevent matting and other issues, like vision difficulties. 

He doesn't have the undercoat that a lot of animals have, but he absolutely loves being rubbed with these gloves. It's a great way to brush him and get the dirt out after he plays in the sandbox known as our apartment complex dog park. 

The gloves are also great to scrub away the dirt and mud after rainy stormy evenings. The last thing I want is the muddy paw prints everywhere! 

I'm guessing that if Chachi had an undercoat and needed to be brushed to help with shedding, these gloves would go a good job at grabbing the hair before it floated away in a big ball. He has had some fluff come out, but not a lot. The glove's design aims to prevent hair from sticking to the glove, but rather collects it and makes it easy to discard. They say that a flick of the wrist is all that's needed to discard hair! 

One of the best parts about these gloves is preventing damage to your hands. Gloves can prevent not only against certain elements like dirt, manure, etc. but also damage from scratches and/ or nips if you are working with a feisty animal. We know that some animals might hate being touched, brushed, or washed. These gloves have nodules to help with massage circulation that mimic the petting sensation.

 In reality, you are getting the job done while your animal gets a feel-good massage! Chachi may not like it, but he takes baths and scrubs like a champ and like I said above, loves the massage feeling from these gloves, so no nips from him yet. Although, I've noticed he's more tolerate of brushing at some times than other times. 

The gloves come in a myriad of colors and sizes between Junior and Adult XL. To clean them, hand wash and air dry. 

If you have any grooming responsibilities, any livestock chores, any farm work; then I highly recommend that you get a pair of HandsOn gloves this summer. They will definitely protect your hands and get the job done! 

Not only does HandsOn provide the type of gloves needed for animals, they also provide gardening gloves! Now you can dig at the worms on your tomato plants, spread the mulch, and do those landscaping projects with the best hand coverage from tools and other elements you might find. 

Want it? Get it! 

Grab your Handson Animal or Gardening Gloves for a great summer of grooming, animal care, and gardening/ landscaping!

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Does your animal hate or love grooming?


  1. We have a 1 year old golden retriever that my daughters enjoy brushing. She has lots of fur, and would enjoy being groomed with these gloves.

  2. We brush our dog's fur almost every day.


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