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Road Trip Treats from Nature's Animals + Giveaway!

Thanks to Nature's Animals for sending over this great treat selection. All thoughts are my own. 

My recently-adopted senior dog LOVES food. Of all kinds. I have been worried about figuring out flavors that he might like, but so far everything I've purchased, he's eaten with glee. 

Yet, his 11-year-old body, riddled with allergies (hopefully it's environmental and not food related) needs the best kind of nutrients available. Have you ever read what's in your dog's kibble? It isn't pretty. Same thing with most treats out there. They are filled with all sorts of ingredients that really aren't the best for our best-friends.

He's sad because I haven't opened the box yet! 

This summer, many of us get to indulge in our favorite treats when we are traveling. Why shouldn't your dog get to experience the best treats as well? For many of our furry friends, treats are not only rewards for good behavior, they are also snacks for our loved ones who think they are hungry all the time!

Nature's Animals has the best treats for your pup; regardless if you are hitting the road for that long weekend trip or staying around the house, hanging out in the AC to beat those 100+ temps. 

Hey Mom.. all this is really for me?? 

I'm not sure how my furry companion will do on a long road trip yet as I've only had him a couple of weeks, but I know he is great traveling around town and is highly food motivated. I bet Nature's Animals treats will help him stay happy, healthy, and full while when we do hit the road later this summer! At some point, he will go visit his grandmom that he hasn't met yet, and I know that he will love these treats. 

Nature's Animals sent me several different kinds to test out with Chachi. Honestly, I haven't found anything he won't eat yet out of all these great treat selections! 

First up, Bakery Biscuits. These come in several different flavors with both organic and non-organic ingredients. Bakery Biscuits 10 count bags flavors include chicken, lamb & rice, cheddar cheese, and peanut butter. They are oven baked and slightly crunchy. 

Organic flavors include: Peanut Butter & Carob, Carrot Crunch, and Healthy Hearty and Grains. My guy LOVES peanut butter, so it's obvious what he chose! There are 24 count sizes for the Gourmet Select flavors. These treat bones are rather large, and they do not have any calorie count or recommended sizing for your loved one.

 I think just like humans do, you will need to be the judge about whether to give the entire treat to your furry loved one or to break it apart. It is crunchy, but that didn't stop Chachi. He dived right in! 

Chachi loved sniffing out his first biscuit to choose and gobbled it right up! In fact, he barely let me remove the packing! As you can see below, Tug of War emerged! I purposely let him pick out his biscuit, but I was hoping to at least get the paper off first! 

So all the handmade organic treats I receive have a paper wrapping instead of plastic or other types of packaging. I liked this because it makes it easy to grab one and get it ready for your impatient pup. The downfall is that if you don't use it all, you will probably need a container to preserve it as all of these treats are made fresh. 

Next up, are Nature's Animals Barnyard Buddies. These are Gourmet treats shaped like cows and pigs. The flavors are beef & oats and bacon & cheese. At six inches, these treats are fairly big, so for Chachi's 18 pound size, I might not want him to have the entire treat in one setting. Ingredients include whole wheat flour, bran, and depending on the flavor: beef or bacon, along with brown rice and corn flour.

 Chachi definitely loves these guys too! He probably would have eaten the entire box if I hadn't removed it from the floor! 

These barnyard buddy treats sure do look tasty, mom! Can I please have one? (After I told him no because he just ate one of the bakery bones!) 

If you have a large breed or a big guy, then Nature's Animals Big Bites are for you and your best friend. These are perfect big bone treats for the one with the BIG appetite. Okay, my little guy has a HUGE appetite, so I do have to limit all food items, or he would make himself totally sick. Of course, I break off these larger treats into chunks for him, but he has no problem doing that himself, either! 

These come in several flavors too: Peanut Butter, Chicken, Lamb & Rice, and Cheddar Cheese. I haven't meant one that Chachi doesn't love yet. He immediately picked up the peanut butter out of the box when taking photos, so I took that to mean he wanted to test that one out first. (Have I mentioned his love for peanut butter yet?) 

Again, they are made with great ingredients that are good for our furry friend's health! The flavors are not mix/ match, and they come in a 24 count per flavor. Whole wheat flour, wheat bran, protein, brown rice are all part of the great mix that makes these crunchy bones great treats for our dogs! 

Finally, if you are concerned about your pup's weight from eating all of these healthy hearty treats, then check out Nature's Animals Fit Bits. These mini bones are only 5 calories but are chock-full of things your furry friend will absolutely love, like peanut butter, blueberries, pumpkin, and flax seed. These are great for training and travel because they are so small! 

The fit bit bags do contain calorie count but no guidelines for how many is appropriate to give per weight. As they are intended for training purposes, I think that makes sense, but definitely be cautious about how many goes into your friend's tummy. I use these as a "good boy for letting me medicate you for your allergies" treat for Chachi's nighttime meds. They are small, so he feels like he's getting a treat, and I don't feel like I'm overfeeding him! He has to have meds for an ear infection and eye infection due to allergies right now, so Fit bit treats are a good bribe! 

Chachi loves these as a treat when we come in after our final walk. He thinks he's getting a great treat, and I'm not as worried about him gaining too much weight from treat, because yes, my dog loves to eat, so I have to restrain him! He thinks he is always hungry! I've even caught him licking his food bowl a few hours after dinner, when he had PLENTY of dinner and had even had a treat post dinner walk. 

So why Nature's Animals treats compared to shelf-bought store-bought treats? I love how they provide a card to show what these treats are made of! They also tell us that each treat is handmade and oven baked! That means the company takes pride in the quality of their product. 

So, check out the card that shows ingredients. Each treat is full of protein, veggies, whole wheat, wheat bran, brown rice, and even parsley. I don't see a hint of preservatives and other ingredients often food in processed dog foods and treats. 

I really like how protein is at the heart of each treat because protein is what makes our dogs tick! They need it to keep them strong, healthy, and happy! Protein sources often include meat but can be found in peanut butter (hence Chachi's proclivity to finding PB based products), dairy, and even cheese! 

None of Nature's Animals treats are meant as meal replacement, but they contain great qualities that our dogs should find in their regular meals too! I'm glad that there are treats that can be given to make our furry critters happy AND healthy. I mean, not all human treats are made of great stuff either, but it sure makes me rest easier knowing that I don't have to worry if some ingredient is going to cause an upset stomach in my newly found friend. He has enough health issues to be concerned about in his elder age and Nature's Animals treats isn't one of them!

I am thankful that Chachi isn't a picky boy, but I know many of our furry friends out there are. I know you won't go wrong with adding Nature's Animals to your treat collection this summer season. Grab some of the mini bones or fit bits for those long car rides or double training sessions. 

Grab a bakery bone for a longer treat to help sustain your loved one while you are out in the surf and sand during summer festivities. 

All of Nature's Animals treats are fresh, are handmade in the US, and are made with ingredients that we can be proud to give our pets, who are more like family to us than anything else This family company wants to treat us, its customers, like family too and are upfront + honest about the quality and ingredients found in their treats. After all, only the best should be given to our dogs this summer!

Want it? Get it!

Find your dog's favorite flavors and treats from Nature's Animals before the dog days of summer hits! No matter whether you're hitting the road or staying home, your dog will love these treats!

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8 Big Bite Biscuits
8 Original Bakery Biscuits
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  1. My dog likes almost every thing except peas🤣

  2. Bella gets treats all the time.

  3. My dog has never refused a treat. I think her favorite flavors are peanut butter, beef, and salmon.

  4. My dog get treats several times a day. She is still a puppy, so I am training her to do a lot of things. I break her treats into little pieces though and spread them out.

  5. My dog loves Peanut Butter and bacon flavors.

  6. My dog loves chicken and beef flanked!


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