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Look for the Christmas Magic Every Day!


This week, I'm hanging out in Asheville NC. Part of the Blue Ridge Mountain Range and home to a very vibrant, eclectic, and wonderful arts, music, and beer scene, y'all will be hearing about my adventures more in our summer road trip guide. 

Last night, I had the chance to walk around the Biltmore Village after dinner. This village was created specifically for the workers and their families that called the Biltmore Estate their home or place of employment. As we walked around and talked about All Souls Cathedral, the many businesses, and establishments, I also thought about what life was like for the villagers 100 years or so ago. Biltmore was built in the late 1880s and village life was created for the next couple of decades. 

We passed one of my favorite shops and I just had to take a picture! So, it's the last day of July, which means it's the last day to celebrate Christmas in July. While the tradition started at a summer camp celebration, the magic of Christmas could be carried on every day of our lives. For some reason, at Christmas, despite the stress and chaos of parties, presents, and family gatherings; we are often kinder and tolerant. We are often full of joy and see the magic more so than other holidays and seasons of the years. I don't think it's because of good ole St. Nick either. 

What if, we shared in the magic of Christmas all year long? Christmas in July often reminds us to have joy and to have something to look forward too, but just because tomorrow is August 01 doesn't mean that Christmas magic has to stop! There is joy, there is cheer, there is magic in every day when we look for it! So no matter whether you are tired of trying on the thousandth pair of shoes with your teenager for back to school shopping, are wondering how your kids will handle their new classroom and teacher, or even if you are sneaking in a last minute vacation in the next couple of weeks.. look for that Christmas Magic!

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