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Beat the Heat With the Spleash Leash Accessory

Thanks to Spleash for sending over these great leash accessories in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. 


Does your pup love to take the human in your life on walks? Walking with our pets can be a chore when it's very hot and humid outside! My little one loves walking me (and yes, I mean that correctly, especially if there are toads/ frogs out) and sometimes It's just so hot that I worry about him needing water because he loves being outside! We have had several days of 100+ weather, or days when the feel like is close to 100, but he still wants to go on his walks, so I've been making sure we can be safe as possible! 

Instead of having to carry a bottle of water, a pop-up dog bowl, and all other necessities, consider grabbing a Spleash.

Spleash makes walking in hot weather easier! A reservoir tank with small bowl attaches directly to the leash, so that all the extra stuff doesn't have to be carried! The reservoir holds up to 12 ounces of water that is cool and refreshing for our pups. 

What is a Spleash?

Spleash is NOT a leash. Instead, it's a leash attachment that contains a flip-able cup, a water tank, and a way to attach your dog's leash to the Spleash using a CAM. 

It should be attached around 6 inches from the top of your leash and works with most nylon, leather, and rope leashes. A removable CAM (a sliding wheel for those of you unaware of the term) is used to attach the leash to the spleash. The loop of your leash should still be useable, and you will want to place the leash loop around your wrist, that way if something happens to the Spleash, you still have control of your pup. 

The Spleash water tank is fillable by a removable plug. Since this is a device used with our pets, when you clean it, be sure to use soap/water, rinse it out thoroughly, and let it dry via open air. We definitely don't want mold growing in the Spleash tank! 

Same goes with storage- if you aren't using it for a while, empty it, rinse it out with soap & water, and let it air-dry before storage. 

How does my Spleash provide water for my pup? 

There are actually two ways the Spleash can provide water. 

1) By flipping open the cup, opening the plug to the tank, and slowly pouring water into the cup. This will release a fair bit of water so be sure your pup is actually thirsty, otherwise you might waste water and not have enough left in the tank. 

2) By flipping open the cup and using the spray mechanism to squirt water into the cup. It will take about 10–15 squirts to get the cup liquid to a good sip for your pup. My dog prefers the second method: he did not like it when the first happened as water got on him! 

Will my pup actually use this? 

As with anything, we have to teach our furry friends how this accessory works! I found that my pup used it after I showed him there was water inside, and he lapped it right up. I also found that I need to hold the Spleash a certain way so that the water doesn't slide out the back of the flip-able cup or down into my dog's eyes.  I actually end up placing it on the ground so that he had the most stability and access to the cup portion. And, if he didn't want to drink it, he didn't want to drink it- so no forcing him to do so there, even if he was panting and showing signs of thirst! 

He has really only used it on the extremely hot days so far. He didn't really seem to be a fan of the cup itself, but it could be how it tastes, or he's just not that used to it yet. He was sure glad to have some cool water halfway through his extremely humid evening walk the other night though!

Honestly, I think this is a cool product that dog owners should look into getting! I am impressed with the easiness of how the leash fits into the CAM and how easy the Spleash is to use! It does take some maneuvering to hold the spleash and get the water out without everyone ending up wet, but after a couple of tries, it is quite easy to figure out. 

One note- I didn't see anything in the product information about leaks, but it should be noted that any water left in the water cup will drip, and if you overfill the reservoir tank, there's only a plug holding it in, so sometimes a drip or two comes out. I've not had any issues with major leakage, but just a drip here and there! 

Why should you get a Spleash?

I think you should get a Spleash so that your walks can be longer, so that you cut-down on the amount of stuff you need to take, and to support a small family run business that loves their 4 legged family members as much as you do! I definitely love having this accessory and I know I'll use it a lot during our warm months. Also remember to not use the Spleash in freezing weather! It doesn't get that cold that often here in coastal NC, but for all my northern friends, this will be a spring-fall gadget for your walks. Granted, if it's below freezing do you take your dogs for long walks anyway? Hmm. 

Want it? Get it!

Purchase your Spleash for your next walk with your furry friend!

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