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5 Things to Do Before the End of Summer

 School starts...in a little over 2 weeks for us. I feel like we have been busy doing life this summer - things have come up with family health issues, we've been working, kids have been in camp, we've been trying to keep the grass cut on a regular schedule - all the day to day things, but in the warmer months. We've squeezed in a few pool days at the neighborhood pool, had a few watermelons, lit some sparklers for the 4th of July - no vacation plans to speak of - just trying to keep up with life. 

I'm not here to give you some guilt trip about *giving summer your all* - I know first hand how long the days can be and how mind numbing it can be trying to think of something to do other than sidewalk chalk... again. I know how it feels to hear of extravagant planned trips to Disney World and think that there is no way you could fit that into your budget this year, in this economy. Sometimes life doesn't line up with the seasonal event calendar. Sometimes summer feels less like a vacation and more like muggy suffocation and days dragging on. Sweaty, sticky, complaining children and reminders about how you still want to lose 20 lbs every time you put on a pair of shorts. I get it. 

So this summer, as it comes to an end, I only want to remind you to lift up your head and look around to appreciate a few things that you might miss if you're like me with your nose to the grindstone. 

1. The trees are full with leaves right now. In a few months the leaves will be falling and all the greenery will be turning beautiful colors and then disappearing until the spring. Look around and notice the shady spots that are so needed in the hot, hot summer.

2. Try to find a firefly at night. These last days of July are the perfect time to spot one if there are any around. I've heard that they are disappearing with changes in the ecosystem, so see if you can behold their magic for a moment. 

3. Enjoy listening to a summer rain, maybe sitting on a porch. Think to yourself the old cliché  "we needed this..." and be thankful. 

4. Eat another watermelon. 

5. Go for ice cream or a snow cone or even a Slurpee at 7-11. It's worth it. 

I hope you had a great summer - I'm not trying to be a bummer... hey, that rhymed. Sometimes it's good to acknowledge that there doesn't have to be a perfect planned summer processional to enjoy the season - simply. Perhaps this summer has been a bummer - and that's ok too. The seasons will change soon enough and times of refreshing will come. For now, we have a few days left of this "summer routine" at my house and then on to new and exciting school year adventures! Until next time... xoxo

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