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Treasures from Our Garden


May was mild, and we had a good amount of rain, which paved the way for beautiful garden blooms in June! Any gardener knows it takes a lot of work to prep the garden for the summer season. My husband and I were hard at work during the month of May, making plans, selecting new plants, cleaning up old plantings, and prepping our raised veggie bed. A gardener's work is never done- there are always tasks to do, but once June rolls around, our flowers are usually in bloom or just starting to bloom, and the garden is looking so good.

Folks drive by or even stop by when they see us out in our yard to tell us how lovely our home and garden look. When we purchased our home one year ago, there was absolutely zero landscaping. No plants- flowers, shrubs... nothing. We've worked hard to create new beds around the front, side, and back of the house. The beds are not just for our enjoyment but for others' enjoyment as well. Our home sits on an extremely visible corner lot, so it's been lovely to jazz it all up for others to see. We certainly have plans to do more, and I look forward to adding more to our landscape as the years go by.

Our renovation continues, and I'll share our latest project with you later this week!

May you be encouraged the get out into your garden this week and take time to enjoy its beauty!

What are your favorite plants in your yard or garden?

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