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Time to Feel The Sun!

Someone you haven't seen in a while asks "How are you doing?" or "How are things in...(insert your town here)". What is your first response? 

I just spent several days at our annual legislative assembly for Lutherans in North Carolina. This event happens every two years, but because of the pandemic, we have not met in person since 2019. While there have been other events, this was the first collective gathering of folks I haven't seen in a while. Of course, I was asked "How are things in Wilmington?", "How are things at St. Paul's (the church I serve)" and sometimes "What's going on in your life?". I noticed that my response, along with others, most often used the phrases busy, tiring, okay. 

Why do we place these type of quantifiers upon our lives and vocations? It's like we can't justify ourselves unless we describe the fast-paced lives filled with all the things that we do and must get done. 

Busy and tiring aren't necessarily good things, y'all. And yes, I've been busy. And I've been tired. I feel it today, especially. 

I'm sure many of you do as well as your kiddos have (or will) wrap up school soon and all the end-of-year- stuff occurs. Many of us try to fill summer with activities, trips, and plans that we can't fit into the school year. I've already been asked several times when I'm traveling to this summer, when I'm taking time off. 

Time off is much needed and much deserved for all of us, but what if, instead of waiting until we are burned out and on our last legs, we take time as we need it? I know, its hard to do any day of the week, but perhaps put that chore/ task on hold for a bit and enjoy your cup of coffee in the sun. Perhaps, schedule time with the friend popping into town that you haven't seen for a year because of life. Perhaps, just take some time away from social media and go outside. 

Perhaps don't schedule anything for the upcoming weekend and just see what happens. Where does the time, joys, and day take you? Who knows- it might lead you on an adventure that you haven't through about before. Or maybe it's just a day to stay home playing in the sun. Yes, those family trips away are super important, but so are the ways that we fulfill our days here at home. 

The ways that we teach ourselves and our families to relax is super important as well! Our children are probably just as stressed out and tired as we are, as they have constantly been on the go, trying to meet the demands of school, responsibilities, home life, and everything else placed upon them too. Take some time to teach them that it is okay to not have every minute of every day filled up to the brim. If they complain they are bored (as we all do), help them to discover something new. Help them to discover that they don't have to be doing something new every single minute! It will help you discover this too! 

The sun is out and beautiful today. For me, despite NOT being a morning person, the welcome light of the sun brings me energy. It gives me peace, especially when I feel it's beautiful rays upon me. 

The sun is much welcomed after several days inside a hotel ballroom then a day of cloudy cool dreariness. I do have some work to do today, the laundry needs to be done, the dishes need to be put away/ in the dishwasher, but I'm also hoping to spend time playing in the sun. I want to feel the warmth its rays provide that envelop me down into my soul (wearing sunscreen, of course!). 

What about you? Will you spend time in the sun today? 

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