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Summertime Fashion Tips to Enhance Your Look

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Sweet summertime! There's something so freeing about dressing for the summer. I used to really dislike my summer wardrobe, much preferring my winter wardrobe of sweaters and leggings to shorts. I think a lot of that always stemmed from body insecurities. Once I learned to love myself, love my body, and embrace all of who I am, I stopped being afraid to enjoy and have fun dressing in fun summer outfits. I have two little girls, and I want them to grow up in a body-positive environment, which means that their mom needs to set the best example possible.

Finding cute outfits for summer doesn't have to be scary or cost an arm and a leg. Building an outfit is a lot like designing a room in your home. Start with one main piece, and then build the rest around it, adding layers. I love shopping and designing- two of my favorite things. By combining interesting things I find online and pieces I find in stores, I usually have the makings of great outfits without spending too much money.

Check out these tips for enhancing your look this summer:

Don't be afraid of color

Color is everywhere this summer! Almost all of the summer blouses and dresses I see are multi-colored and feature in your face color! I used to shy away from color, thinking I just didn't look good in any of that. I stuck to neutrals and got asked (a lot) if I ever wore anything besides black or gray. Hint taken! I started adding more color to my wardrobe, and have loved being able to have bold pinks, oranges, greens, and blues to choose from. Add colorful staple pieces to your wardrobe in bright summer colors that will take you from a day at the office to a night on the lake.

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Change up your look with jewelry

One of the most overlooked and understated must-haves for any summer wardrobe is jewelry! Having the right jewelry to pair with your outfits can really make a huge difference in your entire look. Along with bold-colored jewelry for summer fun, gold jewelry has become a summer staple for my jewelry armoire. I used to never wear gold, and then I realized that gold just felt lighter, brighter, and sunnier, and made my outfits pop in the summertime. Everything gold from earrings and necklaces to bracelets are appropriate for your summertime look. My main tip when wearing gold jewelry is to keep the look simple. A dainty necklace is light and right for any look! You can't go wrong with pearls, no matter what you're wearing, especially if you are on or near water.

Stay away from mixing prints

A recent fashion trend has been the mixing of patterns (top and bottom). While it may seem trendy to do so, my classic fashion rule is to stay away from overdoing it with patterns. Don't get me wrong- I love a good pattern but prefer to wear a solid piece with a patterned piece. If you choose to wear patterned shorts, stick with a basic and solid top. You want the pattern to be the focal point of your outfit, so keep any additional pieces simple. This will give you a clean, well-put-together look.

Have a go-to dress

Having at least one go-to dress for the summer is a must! Personally, I like to have a go-to dress in a few different styles. Grab a comfy t-shirt dress that you can wear for a day of shopping, wear to work, out to dinner, or as a cover-up to the beach or pool. Versatility is key! I also love having a couple of dressier dresses on hand for events, like weddings, church functions, baby showers etc. Don't forget a vacation dress! A fun vacay dress with a bold summer print or color will be tons of fun to wear no matter where your summer travels take you.

Buy simple sandals that go with everything

A few years ago, you would never have found me wearing the same sandal from day to night. Fast forward to today, I am a busy mom of three, and I don't have time to be changing my entire look in the middle of the day. I need everything in my closet to be completely versatile. Having simple sandals that work with multiple looks is a must for me! It makes life so much easier, and it's a bonus if the sandals are comfy for all-day wear.

No matter how you choose to dress this summer, always go for pieces that make you feel good! Feeling good in your clothes and accessories will only make you love them more!

What are some of your go-to pieces for summertime?

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