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Staycation or Vacation

It's the end of my first week back to work  from vacation or should I say staycation. I have to say I love going away but there is something to say about just staying home.  Vacations away tend to be a lot of planning, scheduling,  and well work. This year, I opted to stay home and it was very therapeutic and relaxing for me.  

             What to do on Staycation
1. Make plans to not make any plans.
     Keeping your time open allows for fun times without feeling pressured.

2. Catch up on things you want or need to do.
     Finish that season of a show, read that book you have been putting off.

3. Work on your hobby 
4. Do a home project.
       We changed the faucet in our bathroom. It's a small project but it made a huge difference. 

What do you prefer? A staycation or a vacation away?

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